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One of the best parts of writing and reading blogs is most definitely the community, so with this in mind please feel free to drop me a line, tweet me, let's swap a few pins or become facebook buddies!


  1. Hello,
    I bumped by accident in your profile and I did visited your blog, in fact I don't use premium features in linked in website and I couldn't write an email there. I felt to write just to be in touch, since we share similar passions, dance, stage, and ballet, and craft, tailoring, sewing. I am originally italian, although an engineer and a researcher I learnt sewing and crochet, knitting, embroidery from the family women and I did love and practice all of those since 8. At 19 I fell in love with dancing and I practiced jazz, modern and ballet since then. I moved in England since 2001, first for studying (sick of fake and tricky Italy), then for working, in 2007 starting a self employed business in Bedfordshire offering any kind of sewing work, sewing classes and other needlecraft courses with great success, even if it came through too hard work, so many hours, powered by passion and satisfaction of customers, in my nice shop in Bedford. www. In week ends I found the time to attend some classes at the Royal Academy of Dance in London and see some dance performances and attend all sorts of craft and fashion events. I then was pregnant, and my boyfriend was in Italy, so I moved back there which was the worst ever choice I could have done, since Italy is a wreck now, is a collapsed country, in poverty and no future. I am on the way to move to another north of Europe country, and the Netherlands are on the list. How is the creative business going there? Is there faith in economy and the government? I am not very keen on going back to England, is now overcrowded everywhere with non- english, carrying with them all the non- english bad qualities and behaviours. Then the government fighting all this and a very unfriendly atmosphere arising for all as a result, you would agree; I am sure, that England is heading to another social collapse or so. How about in the area you live, the community issues about being overcrowded and loosing the local spirits and identity, is there ay pressure on this in the netherlands, is the problem of mixed ethnics gone nasty? We have similar personalities, I am sure that if you feel fine there, I might feel fine too!!!
    My email is, I am starting a tweeter account soon, so we might stay connected there!
    Many thanks
    Happy crafts to you and many thanks,

    1. Maria, thank you so much for your message, I'm happy that you stumbled across my blog! I would love to drop you an email, where we can discuss all the interesting things you mentioned just now! You sound like a very creative person and I am motivated by your passion and hard working attitude, you really do inspire people who are hoping to make something of a creative life for themselves : )