About Me

Hi, I'm Gemma and I'm pleased you stopped by.

These here pages are a royal rumble of thoughts and findings, curated lovingly (and often from the comfort of my pyjamas...) in the hopes of entertaining and inspiring.

This wee blog started out as a handy way to document my move from the UK to the Netherlands, sharing with my family and friends my journey into the unknown. These days, having carved out a place for myself in the farthest edges of the Netherlands, slowly building up aspects of my life and tackling the usual obstacles of starting from scratch (Ik ben Nederlands aan het leren... yup, what she said!), my blog has developed into a treasure trove of all things handmade, design-led and visually up-lifting.

Coming from a background in costume design and textiles I live for gorgeous fabrics, elaborate and dramatic designs and enjoy creating things with my own hands. Where I once had an incredibly creative career (and still miss working in the wonderful world of theatre and ballet), this blog is now my main outlet where I share my current projects and celebrate all things crafty, fashion focussed and inspiring, sprinkled here and there with literature, sweet treats and adventures a plenty!

At a gigantic five foot one, a few freckles and a light sprinkling of pixie dust on top, my perspective on life may be presumed small but curiosity often gets the better of me. I can be found exploring the ruins of an ancient castle, trawling through a dusty old book shop or stuffing my face with a cupcake (or two).

All time loves:

Breton striped everything
Fleetwood Mac
Ice cream
My bicycle
Hunting for treasure in thrift stores
Ru Paul's Drag Race
Reading- all afternoon!
Yoga with Adrienne
Mood boards
Old movies, new movies, bad movies, sad movies... I like movies

Currently loving:

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina... duh!
Butternut squash everything
Wrapping up in a blanket
Neal's Yard 'Bee Lovely to your hands' hand cream... still
Fairy lights
The pink and orange, misty morning sunrise from my view during my train commute


  1. Thank you so much for the comments on my blog, if you love City and Colour and She & Him then your definitely alright by me ;) Also I'm so glad that someone else feels the same as me about work, I don't know if Im ever gonna figure it out!! Although your job sounded absolutely awesome, much more interesting than my whole stuck behind a desk contemplating headbutting the computer screen just for entertainment haha! Where you from originally? I am so jealous of your move, your a braver woman than I am!!




    1. Helen, trust me, there most definitely were headbutting day dreams!! It was a special job in many ways, but too many aspects of it were unstable, and in my wise old age (hehe) I think my priorities are changing. The loooooong shifts, working evenings and weekends, having to tour endlessly… It's not really the kind of job you can do unless you're young and single ;)

      So buddy, that leaves me in a tricky situation, I studied costume, worked in costume… Now what?! Hahaha!! I totally get what you mean with it, which direction is up, which is down? Arrrgggghhh! As long as you have some happy distractions out of work, thats pretty important, in my humble opinion- much more important than what job we get. And your blog is clearly a devotion and something you enjoy (you can really tell!)

      As for moving… Eeeek!! Haha! I don't feel brave at all! Its real scary but super exciting too. My boyfriend has to hold my hand from time to time as I have a tendency to run and hide! I see it as a big adventure, a new challenge, its almost like having a full time job with just coming to terms with the move and organising stuff! My English home is on the outskirts of Birmingham and my Dutch home is in the South West of Holland (right by the seaside!!) Oh, and theres the little issue of having to learn a new language!! I'll get there eventually….

      Besides your amazing taste in music, being a fellow book worm and having a sassy and stylish wardrobe, what else floats your boat?

  2. I just stumbled across your blog and must say I'm glad I did. When I first find a new blog I always read the about me page first (if there is one of course), and I have very much enjoyed reading about you ( I know this sounds slightly creepy sorry.) It may sound strange to say but your writing has something very poetic about it. Anyway thought I would just tell you this, I'm now going to go and explore the rest of your beautiful blog :)


    1. Jess you are so kind.

      Thank you so much. It always surprises me that the blog actually gets seen! Haha!

      May I say, your illustrations are beautiful! I love that you turn to your art when you struggle to sleep. I love drawing too, but my stuff is NOT good enough for a blog! I love that you do commission work too, really cool : )

      I look forward to seeing more of your posts!!

  3. I completely understand how strange and frightening that move is - your blog is really interesting, and very genuine and honest. I really appreciate that. I will maybe link you to some of my UK -> Netherlands culture shock article thingys if you like?


    1. Catriona, I'd love that! It always helps to talk to people who have experienced similar things, and I'll take all the advice I can get!! Plus, after being a bit nosy over on your blog, I now have approximately 600 questions for you ; )

  4. What an exciting new chapter!!! Love to find out more about your life in Netherlands! :) PS And what a cool job you had in a ballet company!!!

  5. Thanks so much for reading, I hope you find something here to enjoy or inspire : )

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