Thursday 26 April 2018

A Not So Blank Canvas // Vintage Kilo Sale Haul

You can't beat an afternoon spent thrifting a gloriously jam-packed, previously loved and lost, market of treasures, am I right? Add to this a super easy pricing method and you're onto a winning formula! Introducing The Vintage Kilo Sale. A consciously selected collection of second hand clothing and accessories, presented in good old-fashioned market style, with a genius weighting system. You grab all of the goodies your little arms (or handily provided baskets) can hold, head over to the scales to figure out how much your bounty will cost you. For every kilo you pay around €15- no matter what hits the scales. So you could be extra thrifty and stock up on 80's tees before the pin hits the kilo mark or find that special, beat up leather jacket for a bargain!

Shopping bags at the ready, my gorgeous friend and I spent the morning rummaging around The Vintage Kilo Sale, when they opened up shop in the Hague. (The afternoon was spent gossiping and inhaling cake.) To our surprise there was a great variety of choice and even more bags of stock just waiting to hit the rails as supply ran low. That thrill of never knowing what you might come across, hidden underneath the 90's flannel shirts and busted old cowboy boots, did not disappoint. And I came away with a humble yet loud offering of vintage lovelies!

These characterful prints sprang out at me, with their retro colour palettes and generous fabric had my mind spinning with ideas. I love the tiny details in each of these garments. The waistbands in particular are bold and delightful, the scattering of buttons, the sumptuous use of volume and hello- the patterns; all led me to bring them home.

Not one to take the easy path, I am thinking of upcycling these guys, letting the fabric lead the way and see what unfolds as I play around with manipulating the silhouette. Of course, I will keep the original features but by customising the shape I can create something truly original and hopefully items that work into my existing wardrobe.

It is definitely time to add a little colour and pattern into my otherwise mostly grey closet and I'm confident these vintage pieces will do just that. Stay tuned for an update on how my chopping and changing works out and if I manage to develop these old but groovy pieces into something kinda special. Be sure to check out The Vintage Kilo Sale on facebook to stay up to date with their upcoming events and news and follow along my experimentation process with these bad boys over on Instagram!

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