Monday, 5 March 2018

The Shape of Hollywood // 90th Oscars Academy Awards 2018

As awards season reaches it's highest peak, last night movie lovers the world over celebrated the 90th Oscars, honouring the best in the business of storytelling on screen. There were some real treats nominated this year and much to my surprise many of my favourites took home a statue.

Once again the stars took to the podium to shine that ever burning spotlight on causes greater than film and tv and much more personal to our society and cultural norms. Equality is a subject that needs as much conversation as we can give it, for the first step towards making a change is bringing that topic to everyone's attention, relentless until the wheels of reform are firmly in motion.

Besides the winning of awards and the social politics, the eternally fun side to the Oscars is of course, the fashion! Whether it's an opportunity for a new designer to step forward, a chance for a Hollywood legend to make a statement or simply some light hearted glitz and glamour, here is a round up of my favourite looks of the night!

Sass and Glamour

Metallic Moments

Rainbow Regency

Classical Hollywood

Strikingly Other

Before the dust glitter settles be sure to check out all the behind the scenes snapshots from the Vanity Fair after party and take a moment to appreciate the timeless beauty and style of Rita Moreno recycling her 1962 Oscar's gown! As ever, feel free to follow me down the rabbit hole over at Instagram and Faded Windmills facebook page for extra goodies in between posts!

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