Thursday 1 February 2018

Marvelous Royalty // Black Panther Premier Red Carpet

Due to fabulousness on the rise, we interrupt today's scheduled post for a spontaneous burst of red carpet glamour thanks to the smash hit premier that was Black Panther. 

You'd be forgiven if this most refined character was yet in your Marvel Universe vocab as we all know which stereotypical figures are most often celebrated and appraised. But when it comes to bad ass Kings, championing the most forward thinking tech prowess, then it doesn't get much more super hero than the Black Panther. Now, if the movie stays close to the comic books (and from the incredible reactions to the premier, I'm gonna guess that they smashed it), T'Challa aka Black Panther is King of undefeated Wakanda- a country and realm that hold pride, power and grace at the helm of it's nation. 

Since our newest hero is of noble birth it seems only right that the stars of the premier reflect this in their red carpet choices. Not only did they dress as royalty but they exuded that very essence that gives regal figures their allure and importance. It was an evening of exuberance, a breathtaking display of colour and pattern and over all a significant night of celebration. Let's dive into the fashion action!
// Tanika Rae //
// Atandwa Kani //
// Marija Abney //
// Sydelle Noel //

I seriously can't wait to run to the cinema to watch this. I'm a loud and proud comic book nerd but this instalment of the Marvel Universe looks incredible and already has the critics in a frenzy. Are you a fellow super hero fan? What other movies are on your list for this season? 

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