Thursday 11 January 2018

Time's Up // Golden Globes 2018 Review

As far as Hollywood awards seasons go, the 75th Golden Globes have set the political and social bar high for 2018. Of course, as with all entertainment industry events, there was a sufficient amount of glitz and glamour but this one stands out from the norm of smiles and surface shimmer for a very important reason.

It is no secret that there are certain industries even still in 2018, fighting inequality and sexual harassment, so as the sordid veil falls and people finally become held responsible for their despicable behaviour, the mood of this years Golden Globes was one of solidarity. The dress code was black, there were Time's Up pins and no nonsense attitudes when it came to speeches as the guests expressed their collective strength in standing against prejudice and uniting in their position of opulence to raise awareness and funds for people facing these very injustices daily.

It was no doubt a powerful message as the red carpet was entirely awash in a sea of black but the ambiance was far from solemn- uplifting and empowering scenes of unity gave the evening its vibe adding volume to the many current movements, such as #metoo and #genderpaygap- in an ever forward moving society it is only f*cking right that people are finally paying attention and doing something about it.

So black was the shade adorning the stars, black simple column dresses, sheer and glitzy black and sparkle, fuller floor sweeping black gowns and black suits on the ladies and gents. Let's get the show on the road with the glamour highlights of the night.

The first event of award season, who knows what is in store for the following occasions, as long as the strength and power that have begun the wheels of change turning, continue to stand together and no longer look away when faced with assault and injustice. The clock is ticking on those gross, archaic cultures of discrimination and violence. Here's to change, safety and equality, with a little glitter for good measure!

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