Thursday, 4 January 2018

Paperback Me Time // Quarterly Book Review


There's nothing like kicking off a brand new year with a healthy dose of self love and by channelling powerful intentions of treating yourself right, keeping perspective and implementing your most treasured activities, you'll surely be on the right track.

One of the most important parts of my day to day life is making time to read. It doesn't have to be hours but ensuring I find those precious moments to switch off from the outside world and engage in a different way, really helps improve my knowledge, empathy, language, imagination and lowers stress levels immensely. Let's jump into 2018 the right way, with a handful of book reviews from my A/W quarter.

Ok, I completely understand now why this trilogy has such a huge YA following, taking it almost to cult status. It is a fast paced, intriguing story with kick ass characters over coming personal demons and discovering how to live as their true selves- the entire time whilst battling a dystopian state of affairs.

This second instillation continues the story further and awakens yet more curiosity as our leading woman makes shocking personal discoveries and is really put through her paces physically, mentally and at times emotionally. The thrill and action is taken up a notch as things take a turn for the worst.

I'm really enjoying these books and will be completing the trilogy soon to see how the tale is brought to a close. Not exactly ground breaking in its originality of concept but told in an enjoyable way making it a pleasure to consume.

A beautifully written piece of literature that leads you on an emotional journey through some dark and heartbreaking moments and out the other end like a breath of crisp, winter air.

This book really got to me on an emotional level and in certain parts I almost regretted reading it. I'm usually a whimsical/ historical fiction kind of gal, but despite being sucker punched in the the feels, I am glad I stuck with it as it was such a pleasure to read.

The story follows the tragic turn of events to young Shelby on one awful night and shows her darkest lows as she battles against her biggest fears and enemy- herself. Woven together with a delicate yet fearless hand, Hoffman writes this contemporary piece with intention.

Be prepared to weep it out, this little beauty will pierce through the thickest skin. One to be devoured and savoured.

Well this book was not at all what I was expecting and I can only say that I really enjoyed it.

A wonderfully bizarre tale of a present day, very ordinary, police officer who finds himself entangled suddenly in the world of the supernatural. Whilst attempting to crack a rather odd case he is introduced to the things that nightmares are made of and discovers a lot about his own 'abilities' he had never previously dreamt to possess.

Although this book was grating at times; yes, I understand it is set in London, but to have it thoroughly described like the audio narration of a GPS pulled me out of the fantasy and the annoyingly sexist traits of the main character felt clumsy rather than essential- I did however find myself devouring the story and falling into its grasp the further into it I ventured.

A real treat to read a piece of supernatural literature with enough whimsy and spook to satisfy yet written against a strikingly modern backdrop is refreshing.

I will review this outstanding novel (and my favourite book I read last year!), on the blog closer to its release date, later this year, but for now feel free to follow the link to my goodreads review.

What a sombre and heartbreaking tale, deliciously written with care and whimsy.

A brisk story of a never ending, snow filled February, where chilled winds and blustering storms replace joy, cheer and most worrisome of all- the gift of flight. This grounding limitation sees the spirit of the village falter and fall, children go missing, townsmen turn on each other, people become imprisoned in their own fears and frailties.

Only an encounter with February itself may be the key to bring a little warmth back to this frozen town.

Chilly, wobbly, upside down... yet a real treat to consume. For the lover of fairytales and fables.

What a beautiful tale!

Sarah Waters does it again. A book crammed full of story. There is life within its pages, characters full of faults and fears, old houses with broken hearts and burnt out memories, families torn apart, opportunities won and lost and a creeping chill that lasts until the very last page.

A period number set at a time of change, decline leads to decay with an emotional outcome as one family faces all manner of evil- all within the very four walls of their family estate.

One to keep you up at night with the rain pattering at your windows.

I did it. I threw caution to the wind and lept. By lept, of course I mean that I jumped feet first into the final book in the Harry Potter series. And what a journey it was!

This was a real treat for me as I have been working up to the finale of a story that has warmed my heart for many years and one I have prepared myself to truly enjoy by avoiding the final films and any further discussion, in hopes of being untainted or tarnished.

Without saying too much about the last piece of the puzzle, I was so pleased with how the legend concludes and found this just such a fantastic piece of literature. The characters are of course perfection and I wasn't at all disappointed by how the story was brought to a close. Possibly a controversial comment to make, but personally, I didn't need the very last chapter. My needs were catered for just before the final chapter. I felt that the story drew to a perfect end and the last bit took me out of the wonderfully, fluffy haze of Hogwarts. Too real, too modern, not necessary. But by no means a smudge on the book overall.

Super thrilled to have experienced this world from beginning to end and now can't wait to start re reading them!

There we have it, first post of 2018 and quite the mixture of books! Please feel free to check out my previous literature related posts Tall TalesDive In and Story Time for yet more book loving! What is first up on your 'to read' pile for the new year? I'm tucking into several enchanting stories and look forward to sharing with you my reviews, in the next quarterly review post. To keep up to date with what's got me turning pages, head to Goodreads and Instagram!

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