Thursday 25 January 2018

My #2018makenine Inspiration Board

As far as planning goes, I am a bit of a control freak and take some kind of comfort from knowing how my days are set out and ticking things off my list gives me a real sense of order and achievement. I mean, I don't get out much, what can ya do? However, when it comes to all of the creative outlets in my life I am much more of a mood led soul. That goes for choosing my next book, what to cook for dinner that night, which movie to watch and most of all what hits my sewing table next!

This method of making what feels right in that very moment helps to keep each project fresh and interesting and allows me to fully commit and pour my everything into it and nine times out of ten, I end up with a result that I adore. The biggest problem I do face, though, is planning ahead enough to ensure that I have all of the fabrics and materials needed to bust out a garment or two! Oh, and that little thing called time.

That, my friends, is where the genius #2018makenine comes into play! Thought up by the super craftastic Rochelle- master mind of Lucky Lucille, as a way to add focus and intention, to garner inspiration and ideas and to plot out a stealth like order to some other wise fantastic chaos. This is my first year really making an effort to get my shiz together and set some discipline to my craft and I'd love to share with you my #2018makenine inspiration board:

1. Burda Style 'Cool Britannia' flounce skirt- shown here in a plaid wool, ideal for the colder months.

2. Sew Over It 'My Capsule Wardrobe: City Break' Lola coat- perhaps in a shorter length for a cool, spring cover up.

3. Slouchy knit- I love the texture and ease of this relaxed and comfortable wardrobe staple.

4. I AM Patterns 'Lion/ Zebre' sweatshirt- the choice of fun fabrics and the design details are what drew me to this chic pattern.

5. Corduroy pinafore- a timeless fabric choice adding structure to this otherwise feminine garment.

6. Colette Patterns 'Zinnia' skirt- a remake of this gorgeous skirt in a more casual, day to day fabric.

7. Simple, cocoon shrug- again for that comfort and ease in design, perhaps in a mustard yellow or burnt orange colour.

8. Colette Patterns 'Penny' dress- this classic cut, flattering dress would be perfect in a lightweight cotton with a real fun print.

9. Ah yes, the Tilly and the Buttons 'Coco' dress- another remake, this time in a contrasting coloured yoke and perhaps even pockets!

So, my harnessed ideas in black and white. It seems to be helping as I've already scratched one item off the list (stay tuned for a full post) and am 3/4s of the way through one of the knits. Hey, this might actually work! Besides seeing how I feel at the beginning of a new project another huge deciding factor is always fabric. Depending on what I stumble across at the market or on my travels, this will always play a part in how a design develops. And of course, how I manage to squeeze dressmaking in between my hand embroidery and crochet work.

My main goals this year really are just to make sensible choices for my wardrobe, be sparing with fabric waste, re incorporate old patterns or fabric where possible and to simply enjoy each project. No time restraints, no target restraints. This fun hashtag is a wee boost of motivation and a great way to become part of a sewing community and to keep up with what other creatives are producing. Do you have any specific goals for this year that set you on a creative path? Any new skills you'd like to learn or put to use?

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