Thursday 23 November 2017

Shake It // Winter Workout Playlist

Sometimes it takes more than a new pair of yoga pants to get me in the mood for exercise. I know it's incredibly important to keep in shape and to keep that oxygen a flowing and your heart a pumpin, but guys... it's a struggle. So as a way to boost morale and get me in the mood for kicking ass I've compiled a new fitness playlist.

Feel free to have a listen or follow via spotify or add any that inspire you to get your groove on to your own current track list. Be sure to let me know of any playlists of records that get you pumped and read to sweat it out as I'm always in need of updating my music (any excuse to postpone a workout!)

Time to sketch out a shiny new routine to go with my new yoga pants and playlist. I'm a devoted follower of Yoga With Adriene so that is always my go to warm up and cool down, but I'm thinking a HIIT from Fitness Blender. Do you guys have any suggestions or recommendations for me to try out?

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