Thursday 14 September 2017

Random Thoughts On A Fairly Sunny Thursday

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What is it that makes September so symbolic of new beginnings? Is it the influence of nature as we say goodbye to the warm and bountiful weather and welcome this next stage of reaping the treasures summer brought whilst preparing for the loss of its embrace? Or the starting of a new school term, older and wiser stepping into a brand new chapter of life?

It's finally socially acceptable to discuss my hot chocolate habit again. Hurrah for Autumn.

Perhaps it's about time to plan a little holiday? Noisy, over priced, crowded, peak season is over so let's grab the suitcases and hit the road! South of Spain anyone?

What should be my next cookie flavour combination to make? Chocolate chip and marshmallow? Vanilla fudge? Hazelnut and white chocolate? Oreo pieces? Decisions decisions.

I wonder if I'll ever work in theatre again? It's easy to look back and remember the absolute ball of a time I had and to wash over the not so great moments, but the reality is that all jobs offer ups and downs, fit into your desired lifestyle one moment and clash with other stages. Who the fudge knows where these twisty paths lead us? I sure don't, but it's kind of fun to follow them and find out, right?

If you send positive, powerful messages out into the universe you may be surprised with the resulting effect. So they say. PLEASE LET ME GET FLEETWOOD MAC TOUR TICKETS. PLEASE LET ME GET FLEETWOOD MAC TOUR TICKETS. FLEETWOOD. MAC. TICKETS.

Am I allowed to bust out the 100 deniers and my ever growing jumper collection yet?

How do people get their nail varnish to last? I really am stumped by this. Mine smudges within the first 15 minutes of being on my body, not to mention are completely chipped by day 3. *Looks up to the sky with arms raised* HOW?

One more episode of Riverdale and then I'll fold the laundry...

Do people buy handmade anymore? I know it's pretty trendy to wear or dress your home up with a one off item, but is there actually a market for it? Are people willing to pay for someones time/ craftsmanship? Time for a little market research.

I hope my hairdresser found my language mistake on the phone earlier funny and not insulting. We'll soon see, if I come out of my appointment with a just a trim or a full on buzz cut.

I miss girly nights in with my mum watching absolute trash on tv and filling our faces. Note to self, make this happen.

Why is that saying no to certain opportunities/ projects is so difficult? Is it the people pleaser in me or do I suffer from a grizzly case of the FOMOs? Time to put this back into practise and refine where I choose to spend my time and on what/ whom.

How crazy these freak weather storms are, I hope people remember/ have the chance to grab their pets before fleeing. Please let things straighten out quickly.

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