Monday 3 April 2017

Spring Fresh // Preparing Your Wardrobe For A New Season

It's time to dust off those vintage shades and dig out your trusty florals as the Spring sunshine makes itself welcome once again.

To celebrate this happy season full of blossoming flowers and frolicking lambs I've scribbled down some of my favourite looks and fresh, fun additions to ring in this beautiful time of year.

Day to day apparel

- A little lace goes a long way to adding a feminine frill to your undie draw and a peek of subtly sexy lingerie from beneath a crisp white shirt or under a classic Breton tee matched with your fave blue jeans can really work wonders!

Forever stripes is a motto I stand by and although I often reach for a basic white and black combo, switching it up with a nautical red and blue can add a fresh touch to your daytime regulars.

- How about a sweet accent to take your simple outfit onto the next level like an origami crane necklace or a snappy collar chain to embellish even the most plain of blouses?

- I'm loving a vibrant pink velvety-rich lipstick this season and find that by applying it to a balm-smooth mouth and dabbing it out with my finger creates a softer, day time friendly look.

Bedtime Routine

Pastels or florals can also adorn your jimjams this Spring and bring a little sunshine cheer to the bedroom!

- Try out a teddy or a playsuit (like mine above) to brighten up your sleepwear as the weather warms up.

- Don't forget to treat your pinkies to some love, I can't get enough of this Neals Yard Bee Lovely hand cream lately!

- Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter... my favourite way to wind down ready for bed is to dive into a good book, feel free to get a recommendation or two from my ever updating goodreads page.

Stretch It Out

- My girl Adriene keeps physical fitness fun with her yoga videos that I am simply addicted to, opting for a combination of videos to keep things interesting and keep my lazy butt on that yoga mat!

- My Spring colour-way for active wear this season is most certainly soft greys and pinks, allowing a dreamy, gentle approach to getting back into shape after a slovenly Winter.

- As the sunshine hits my window earlier and earlier, I've found that starting my day with a stretch really sets me up for high productivity and boosts my mood instantly.

- Spending a relaxed Sunday walking in the sunshine, taking in some fresh air and blowing out the cobwebs has really kicked off my Spring nicely and I highly recommend taking some time out for yourself, away from technology for a while, to truly relax, body and mind.

Outfits aside, I simply look forward to hearing the birds singing at my window first thing in the morning, my daily cycle to the train station as the sun rises higher in the sky, watching the trees bloom stretching their greenery far and wide, handwritten postcards sent from a strange land and painting my toes light pink as a wee reflection of the hopeful season ahead.

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