Monday 20 March 2017

Hashtag Snapshot // Instagram Accounts Currently Loving

It's Monday and it's grey and raining outside but you know what, we're gonna have ourselves a great week anyway, right? I'm currently plotting some fun things to do for the upcoming weekend since my parents are flying over for a visit! Excited is an understatement, so I'm trying to restrain myself from skipping by focusing on some creative projects and having a huge spring clean of our apartment.

Talking of things that make you smile and add a sweet something to your day, I've rounded up another collection of stunning, charming and out right dreamy Instagram accounts that I've fallen in love with. Please feel free to stop a while and indulge yourselves in some truly inspiring snapshots.


Curation of wonders // delicate illustrations // subtle colours and soft designs // child-like imagination


Bright // pop // fun // rainbow // retro style // handmade goodness // candyfloss pinks // bold design


International go getter // cobblestones and stunning builds // classic style with a feminine twist


Escapism at it's finest // ethereal // literature // hazy hues // coffee and crisp walks // antique vibes


Retro babe // laid back style // forward thinking outfits // natural // inspiring looks // soft focus


Outdoors // horizon // misty morning views // feminine strength // grounded colours // whimsy

I hope you enjoy these accounts as much as I do, whether you find some new beauties to add to your list or simply take these snapshots for what they are and allow their fascinating perspectives of a captured moment fill your day with rapture and solace.

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