Thursday, 30 March 2017

Seasonal Stitching // Spring Sewing Wishlist

With the latest wave of Spring-fresh collections hitting the stores and seeing those alluring and creative shop fronts decorated ready to celebrate this happy new season (and hopefully the welcoming of some lovely weather) I've gathered together a wish list of all the bits and bobs I want to get stitching.

One of the great things about building up a handmade wardrobe, besides having full control over quality of fabric and the tailoring to your exact size, is that you can window shop all the latest looks and morph together a handful of ideas, creating your ideal item perfectly suited to your deepest desires that is still seasonally appropriate!

I'm really feeling all of the classic Spring/ Summer prints (florals, tropical) and would like to venture into using colour (eeep!) and try out some new silhouettes, so I've rounded up a board of inspirations to help narrow down my humongous list of ideas and have even sought out some super cool patterns to give a try!

The Humble Shirt

The main wardrobe essential I'd like to add just in time for Spring, is a light and breezy shirt. I'm not 100% sure of the fine details just yet as I'm playing around with several design ideas, but after having come across this e-book from Sew Over It and finding the Alex shirt pattern, I think that would be a great starting point! Frills and ruffles and sleeve features are seriously on the money this season, but I'm a sucker for stripes... Perhaps a trip to the fabric market will help sway my decision.

Full of Swish

I know, all of my sewing wish lists seem to feature a skirt, but I find them so darn adaptable, wearable and fun to make that I just can't help myself. Besides having enough swish to satisfy a 6 year old, I'd like to branch out and focus mainly on some fresh and fun fabrics. Colour can make all the difference so maybe I will reach for something playful and striking, with a bold pattern or repeat print. I love the contrast with these examples, the clashing colours and patterns are tamed slightly with either a slightly longer hem, a neat and precise pleat or with a casual basic blouse and sweet accessories. There's fun to be had!

Sleep Time Essentials

Now this is something I've never made before! I did however, receive the most adorable set of night time sleepwear from a dear (and extremely talented) friend of mine, and being hugely inspired by the lovely lady I'd love to have a go myself. Once again I'm influenced by the silly yet fun graphic prints around at the moment and love the look of a classic pair of piped-edged pjs- then again, why choose one look, even more of an excuse to lounge around if I end up with several sets!

Happy Organisers

A cute, little purse is just the ticket for clearing up my cluttered bags and for helping keep my hand baggage in top organised shape ready for a summer of holidaying, day trips and daily essentials in transit. I love the bold effect of this first, black and white purse and it seems a super handy size to create a nice and concise collection of essential beauty pieces. The middle example shows the endless options when you bring embroidery into the mix. This inter-galactic zipped pouch could be used for many a treasure and would be a fun little project to customise as a gift. The fresh and fruity third option just shows the difference a pop of colour can make. Spring is here and why not embrace it's brightening effect on our mood by reflecting this with shades of yellow and a fabulously sweet print!

So friends, I will be keeping myself busy and out of trouble with this lovely bundle of projects. Which one to choose first is always the biggest problem (or when to put the fabric down and back away, whilst out shopping at the market!), but I'm certainly pumped and ready to get some Spring freshness into my wardrobe. Do you have any favourite, brightening looks you're hoping to work into your daily uniform or any creative projects that encourage and inspire you this season?

Monday, 27 March 2017

Picture This // Mood Board Curations

Time for another round of visual beauties! Feast your eyes on this latest collection of mood boards, pin them on your own inspiration boards for a little boost to get your creative mind going, check out the Faded Windmills facebook page for daily snippets or head straight to the source of all procrastination and drool worthy imagery!

Either way allow yourself five minutes from your otherwise busy schedule, take a step back from your to-do list and browse these pictures at your sincerest leisure. While you're at it be sure to give yourself a big hug, go for it, Janet in the corner office won't notice! Treat yourself to a brisk walk in the afternoon sunshine and have a second biscuit. It's on me!

All images are sourced across the wide corners of the internet yet collected and linked at Pinterest. If you're feeling lazy and don't want the fuss of doing the searching yourself then I have what you need right here, in the form of my previous mood board posts Set The Pace, Oh You Pretty Things and one more for luck Feeling It!

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Emma Watson's Sustainable Fashion Press Tour

It's the movie we've all been waiting for, Disney's latest re-imagining of the classic and romantic tale of Beauty and the Beast, starring the badass and ever lovely Emma Watson as our heroine Belle.

This, however, was no regular press tour to publicise and celebrate all the glitter and sparkle that comes with a live-action Disney. There were, of course, photo shoots and interviews a plenty (even one covered in kittens!!), but one stand-out difference was the effort Emma and her team put in to ensure every look and ensemble she was photographed in (and therefore promoting) was ethical, right down to the last detail.

Slow fashion and it's many global and environmental benefits is a dear subject to Miss Watson and with this parade of stunning high end looks, the stylish actress managed to prove the possibility of wearing garments with responsibility whilst slaying the red carpet.

Take for example, this breath taking fairy tale gown and cape from the ever enchanting Elie Saab made, believe it or not, entirely from left over fabric from a previous Haute Couture collection. It really goes to show how much waste is often created in this industry, materials like this devastatingly cast aside to be destroyed, after the sheer craft-mans-ship that goes into producing it... Emma Watson most wisely highlights this issue by proving what can be created from literal left overs!

This bespoke, delicate, pale blue Emilia Wickstead off the shoulder number was also made using end of the line fabric, which was responsibly sourced from a family run business based in London and re-purposed by Emilia Wickstead's London atelier, by an all female team no less! Her earrings are handcrafted in Brooklyn by Catbird.

This fascinating creation is from fashion house Louis Vuitton, designed by Nicolas Ghesquiere made with Newlife recycled polyester- essentially used plastic bottles spun into yarns in Italy with a fully traceable supply chain, saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions. Pretty cool, huh!

Whilst promoting the movie in London, Emma chose this gorgeous silhouette from small brand, Spanish designer Carmen March, once again wearing Catbird handmade earrings, matching it with an All Blues ring, handcrafted locally in Stockholm from the company's third-generation foundry.

I love the drama from this all black ensemble, not to mention that it's a bespoke piece from 3.1 Phillip Lim making use of FSC viscose, Oeko-Tex 100 certified biodegradable acetate yarn... I mean, dude! Those gorgeous earrings are Pichulik a Cape Town based company who produce such stunning ornamentation from locally made rope off-cuts, sourced from near by yachting and climbing companies.

This is one of my favourite of Emma's looks, especially for the Beauty and the Beast promotional tour, as it oozes that strength and self sturdiness known to our beloved character from the movie. This striking, sharp-cut suit is vintage YSL, from the treasure trove that is William Vintage (could you image trawling through their archive...) which, of course, has plentiful benefits when emphasising reducing your carbon footprint through fashion. Second hand clothing are gems waiting to be re-homed and re-loved, using no energy at all, well... not including searching for the perfect piece. Also, quite often than not, a vintage item will fit like a dream, since many pieces of clothing were tailored back in the day, much less mass production, standardised sizes.

This beauty is Givenchy Haute Couture produced with certified organic silk and that ridiculously awesome clutch is from sustainable luxury fashion brand Bottletop, made from zero deforestation, Amazonian leather and developed by Eco-Age in partnership with The Rainforest Alliance and The National Wildlife Federation.

Reflecting her character from the movie in this sunshine yellow, graceful yet courageous gown, Emma Watson worked closely with Dior to develop a concept tailored perfectly to the movie's message, to her own personal ethic and speaking volumes of the responsibility of the fashion industry. Created by Maria Grazia Chiuri using certified organic silk in the most beautiful colour! Check out this fascinating video featuring snapshots of the making process and to hear them discuss the thoughts behind the concept.

The proof is in the pudding, my friends, there is an awful lot of waste that comes out of the multi-million dollar fashion industry and where larger fashion houses have previously crunched those smaller, local business under foot, people are starting to take notice that there is plenty of room for everyone, and that if we all do our part in consciously and responsibly spending our money then you really can have the best of both worlds- without the planet and factory workers paying the price.

For a closer look at these outfits and more of Emma Watson's Beauty and the Beast fashion moments check out The Press Tour where they've been following this whirl wind event!

Monday, 20 March 2017

Hashtag Snapshot // Instagram Accounts Currently Loving

It's Monday and it's grey and raining outside but you know what, we're gonna have ourselves a great week anyway, right? I'm currently plotting some fun things to do for the upcoming weekend since my parents are flying over for a visit! Excited is an understatement, so I'm trying to restrain myself from skipping by focusing on some creative projects and having a huge spring clean of our apartment.

Talking of things that make you smile and add a sweet something to your day, I've rounded up another collection of stunning, charming and out right dreamy Instagram accounts that I've fallen in love with. Please feel free to stop a while and indulge yourselves in some truly inspiring snapshots.


Curation of wonders // delicate illustrations // subtle colours and soft designs // child-like imagination


Bright // pop // fun // rainbow // retro style // handmade goodness // candyfloss pinks // bold design


International go getter // cobblestones and stunning builds // classic style with a feminine twist


Escapism at it's finest // ethereal // literature // hazy hues // coffee and crisp walks // antique vibes


Retro babe // laid back style // forward thinking outfits // natural // inspiring looks // soft focus


Outdoors // horizon // misty morning views // feminine strength // grounded colours // whimsy

I hope you enjoy these accounts as much as I do, whether you find some new beauties to add to your list or simply take these snapshots for what they are and allow their fascinating perspectives of a captured moment fill your day with rapture and solace.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Day Tripper // Exploring Muiderslot Castle

As a little treat for my birthday, we grabbed the brolly and hit the road in the direction of Amsterdam, seeking a noble kingdom by the name of Muiderslot.

This lovely little place boasts quaint streets lined with classic Dutch architecture, friendly cafes and of course the main event of the day; Muiderslot castle.

This treasure of a castle was originally built around 1370 and is now a national museum attracting many visitors to revel in its grand and regal magnificence. We spent the day strolling around the grounds, trawling up to the towers and down to the dungeons and generally marvelling at the sheer size of this beast! If you'd like a more in-depth insight into the history of this stronghold, it's curious and characterful owners and information on how and when to visit for yourself then be sure to check out it's website for top tips and up coming events!

Despite having a hairy moment with a somewhat angry swan, we managed to avoid the rain after all and found ourselves having a grand old day walking along the cobble stoned streets and enjoying the tour about the castle, one of my all time favourite things to do!

Monday, 13 March 2017

Set The Pace // Mood Board Curations

A good visual mood board sets me up creatively for the whole day, gets my imagination fired up and some how manages to boost my productivity. Here are some of my latest curations that have inspired me to get up off my butt and get going!

For a daily dose of visual inspirations be sure to check out my facebook page, get cosy and take a time out by browsing my previous mood board postsfor some serious creative imagery and to add a little imaginative spring to your step! Or simply fall down the rabbit hole at the source of all visual splendour! Have a great week, folks!