Tuesday 24 January 2017

Tangled // Irresistible Me hair extensions Review

When the fabulous folks from Irresistible Me got in touch and offered me the opportunity to review a piece from their Silky Touch collection of 100% Human, Remy clip - in extensions, I headed over to their website and social media channels to take a look at the company and what they offered with regards to product, branding and most importantly ethics. I also did a little dance and quickly binged on youtube hair tutorials as I'm a total rookie with hair extensions!

Irresistible Me are a New York based company specialising in high quality 100% natural Remy clip-in hair extensions, hair accessories and hair tools, working closely with bloggers, youtubers and their clients to achieve a fabulous product and brand that reflects their love of fashion and beauty. Being a total newbie to hair extensions my first worry was how ethically has the hair been donated, having a rather sceptical outlook (and zero knowledge), but almost instantly, upon voicing my concerns I had a thorough and reassuring response from their team, telling me how important to them the ethics of sourcing the hair is and how they only used assured sources of more than willing participants. So, the next step was choosing which colour, length and weight I wanted, posing the trickiest question of all: Do I go subtle, boosting volume and a bit of length... or full mermaid?!

They survived the journey from New York packaged in this sleek box, and further presented coiled up and wound with a net inside these zip-lock pouches. The big bundle of extensions are sealed with a secure tab, the smaller sample piece is available to crack open and test out right away. The idea is that you test the colour and length using the smaller sample before touching the main product- it just saves this precious and expensive hair from being handled unnecessarily if the colour doesn't match your own hair etc, you can simply send them back and swap them for the right set. Very clever!

The colour matched my hair so well that it's really hard to see a difference at all (ahem... that may be the point of course). I opted for the Silky Touch clip- in extensions in Silky Light Brown #6 and choose the 16" length and 140g weight (after reading/ watching multiple reviews on what to expect from the weight etc). On the Irresistible Me website there is an incredibly useful video to guide in you selecting the right colour, but they are super friendly and helpful if you have specific questions or queries and also with regards to returns.

Being a total noob with things like this I had a little play around with them, watched approximately 600 youtube videos to whittle down the tips and tricks and eventually found a technique that not only feels actually comfortable on my head but looks pretty neat too! The length is noticeably longer than my natural hair but once curled slightly and brushed together you can blend the ends so it's less obvious. The colour is just bizarrely accurate and the texture of the hair is so delicious.

My hair before adding the clip in extensions.

Again, my just-below-shoulder length hair, before adding the clip ins.

I received a bundle containing 1x large weft of hair with 4 clips attached, 2x pieces with 3 clips, 5x smaller sections with 2 clips to secure the hair and 2x tiny strips with 1 clip each. Quite the bundle of hair! You can really play around with how many you use, depending on what type of look you're hoping to achieve. Also, you can try out layering the clip ins on top of each other to build up thicker sections attaching less clips to your own hair.

For this look below, I used 1x 3 clip, 1x 4 clip and 4x 2 clips simply to ramp up the volume and test out the longer length. I am by no means experienced with products like these- in fact I'm very much the opposite, being a less is more kind of lazy gal when it comes to beauty. But I found the whole process fun to do, not too time consuming and really loved the end result!

What do you think? Forgive my lack of skills in this department, this was a first time attempt but as a total rookie I was really impressed with the Irresistible Me product and I'd be intrigued to check out what other pieces they sell. You can find a lot of style inspiration from their site and social media channels, I would also recommend watching some youtube videos if you're also a noob like me. One thing I will recommend is allowing yourself a bit of time to play with them, before wearing them out for a special event, and that brushing your hair and the clip ins together is key AND dry shampoo is your best friend! Spray a little at the roots where you'll be attaching them to give it a bit of grip!

I'm off to Pinterest the heck out of 'long hair styles' to see if I can come up with some fun ideas- now I'm an official mermaid and all. Stay tuned for further hairspiration and if you have any tips on how to work these bad boys I'd love to hear them!

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