Tuesday 31 January 2017

Reflect, Refresh & Indulge // Embracing my birthday month!

Besides celebrating smoochy romance, the Oscars and some awesome looking new shows on Netflix; February also brings my birthday! And since it is a teeny tiny dot of a month I like to claim the entire thing and dedicate this cold yet ever-closer-to-Spring time of year, as mine! To do with as I please and this year I aim to fill each moment with my favourite activities whilst hoping to hit the refresh button and top up my happiness bar, ready for another trip around the sun!

I've compiled some ideas to keep my month indulgent yet restorative, as I plan on devouring every joyful moment, embracing new challenges and hobbies, celebrating all the small, wondrous and in-between and spending guilt free time for myself.

Museums, art galleries, castles- Since signing up for a year long museum card I intend on making the most of its crazy awesome free entry allowance and plan on exploring my local cultural and creative exhibitions and monuments!

Lot's of cooking and baking- Fresh, local produce worked into a delicious meal- dancing in the kitchen and screeching along to the radio is compulsory- not only keeps my titch of a body in good nick but also offers a relaxing and productive activity.

Whole entire afternoons reading- Ahh pure bliss! Uninterrupted and completely guilt free! It's my party and I'll read if I want to!

Revisit my most beloved films of all time- And why not. What better excuse to crack out some all time favourites, and fear not friends, I won't be forgetting the popcorn! Keep an eye on
my twittering and facebookary to keep up with which movies make the cut.

Buy fresh flowers- I love visiting our village's local market hall for seasonal flowers and will be filling the house with blossoms for the entire month!

Yoga with my girl Adriene- Keeping in theme with nurturing ones self, I plan to stretch and move to Adriene's youtube channel and will be celebrating my 31st year on this strange yet beautiful ball of dirt by focusing my energy, strengthening my body and recalibrating my mind.

Catching up with my peeps- Whether that means chatting for hours with my mum on the phone, skyping my buddy and gossipping digitally, sending love letters and postcards to friends and family or arranging coffee dates and fun days out, my days will be filled with my favourite people and the task of reminding them of their value in my life.

Brisk walks around the meadows- Full-lunged intakes of fresh, crisp air will blow out the cobwebs and make space in my noggin for new, inspiring, creative ideas for exciting projects. Rich and I were so distracted by chatting during last Sunday's stroll, that we'd been walking for two hours and hadn't yet turned back in the direction of home! Also, switching off by listening to a podcast or my favourite records is such a refreshing blast of exercise and time out; double win!

Other fun fancies on the top of my list include baking myself a birthday cake, plotting some epic things to see and do for our summer trip to Canada, taking as many photographs as possible and journalling my days, going to a matinee cinema showing totes alone, exploring the Fashion Quarter of Arnhem and networking the heck out of my trip and crafting crafting crafting!

My sincerest apologies if my greed and seeming narcissism offends you, I'll just be over here eating my ice cream for breakfast and jumping on the bed... It's the smallest month on the calendar, just let me have it! It isn't that I find myself terribly important and that my birth must be a celebration of grandiose proportions; more that I am a cliche'd and symbolic being and by using my birthday as a catalyst for this new year of mine I hope to move forward with positivity and enthusiasm and love the idea of embracing the things in life that make me happy, making the most of the beauty in every day. Plus... cake!

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