Thursday 1 December 2016

Wrap It Up // Shop Handmade This Christmas

Tis the season to be jolly, for spending time with loved ones, snuggling up warm, for eating all the foods (Terry's Chocolate Orange and after Eight Mints, get in my belly!) and for hunting down a little something for your favourite peoples. Sometimes it's glorious to spread a little glitter and love, getting together with long distant friends and raising a glass to good times, dusting off the old board games and making new memories with family and giving a thoughtful, unique gift. The easiest way to ensure your present is especially special would be to buy from a small business, from craft markets or even having a go at some DIY home-made badassery yourself.

I've done a little day-dreaming research just to get you off on the right foot and by searching the old faithful, one of a kind, dream gift mecca Etsy I've found a heap of beauties! If it's inspirational quotes to add a punch of positivity to the worrier in your life's day or a customised bookmark for your nerd at heart, a vintage timepiece for your antique lover or a customised watercolour print (for yourself?), whatever it is that makes your loved ones tick, take a mooch below for some serious inspiration!

Here are a few ideas if you were thinking of taking the DIY route:

Most of all, don't stress it. The festive season is all too stuck on money and stacks of monotonous 'presents', keep it small and personal and you're sure to have a happy recipient.

I'm off to whip up a couple handmade bits and bobs for my specials. Question; is it too early to break open the After Eights? Thought not!


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