Friday 30 December 2016

Seasonal Shine // Winter Style Beauty Edition

Winter is upon us, the frost glimmers from the bare branches and the late afternoon sunshine reminds us of the oncoming of a brand new year about to begin.

Whether you're snuggled up in doors wrapped in a mermaid tail blanket (thank you Santa) sipping on yet another hot chocolate, or if you've cracked out the glitter eyeliner and heels ready to party your way through the Wintery start of a new year- I've gathered together a whole heap of lovelies to add a special little something to the season ahead!

Voluminous, long waves, coppery dashes of glitter, worn casual with your woolies or poshed up with a slick of lippy- all bases of Winter Style are covered here!

Long and Loose

I love the appeal of sleepy curls, they give a sultry not too try hard effect yet are super versatile enough to rock in the evening. Add a high shine product or treat yourself to some new clip in hair extensions to boost the volume and leave it long and loose to get this look.

Pony Tail Princess

This sophisticated upgrade from a standard pony tail can be taken in many directions. This season keep things simple by twisting a long strand of hair around your pony, by taking things high on top or create a tangle of turns by adding tiny elastics and pulling sections of the hair out as you go. 

Snow Angel Plaits

The trend for braids shows no signs of slowing down as we enter 2017, so why not take full opportunity of all the inspiration around you and find your very own plaited preference. You can really have fun with this style keeping things casual for the day or by spicing it up for party time. This look can be worked into most hair lengths and with a little youtube assistance even the most complex of patterns will be yours in no time! 

Tied in a Bow

A personal favourite of mine. You can't beat a touch of luxe this time of year and by adding velvet or satin to your Winter wardrobe you're enhancing the texture whilst winning in the accessories stakes. Create a hair band by tying a piece of ribbon around your head or simply spruce up a low ponytail; I like to take a short piece of ribbon, make it into a bow then attach it to a hair grip to then use at the top of a bun or when pinning a small section of hair to the side.

Winter Warmth

Coppers, rusts, deep berry reds and a healthy dash of sparkle- there is something about these warm shades that fire me up ready for the cold days of Winter. This look is perfect for any evening shindigs as it oozes vampy glamour but can be easily toned down for a subtle daytime look by patting a dark lipstick onto the lips then blending out with a little lip balm or by blending a simple sweep of eyeshadow around the eye to create a soft and smoky liner. Who says glitter isn't for day time too, add a touch to the inner corners of your eyes or throw handfuls of the stuff all around the room... Come on, we all need a little lift this season!

So there you have my Winter Style Beauty Edition, I can't wait to try out some of those twisty plaited looks and am covered in enough glitter to last a lifetime until Spring. Check out my Winter Style Fashion Edition for some tips on how to keep warm whilst working thems there layers and be sure to ditch those resolutions and strut into this new year with your head held high and with excitement and adventure in your heart!

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