Wednesday 14 December 2016

Rocking Around The Christmas Tree // Ideas for Festive Gatherings

Christmas is a time to make memories with loved ones, reach out to people and bring them together and to share a warm toasty room, plentiful food and oh so much merriment. In short, it's all about the festive fun!

A great way to share this sparkling Christmas spirit is to organise a jolly shindig! Whether you're into festive frolics through the snow or a swanky soiree, the options really are endless! I've come up with a few helpful suggestions to get you on your way, all that's left to do is to hop over to the gorgeous Paperless Post to pick out one of their design-focused Christmas cards online or printed invites and get this party started!

Gingerbread House Build-Off

Crank up the jingle bells and let your competitive side fly free as you battle your way to the Gingerbread House Building Championships! This is a super fun and tasty activity but surprisingly challenging, depending on how ambitious your architectural aspirations are of course! Something for the whole family that is almost too good to eat... almost!

Merry Movie Marathon

Popcorn and pjs are an essential during this next joyful gathering, why not snuggle together for a back to back running of your favourite festive films? See how creative you can be with your movie of choice or stick to the classics, there are plenty to choose from and please all viewers.

Christmas Cookie Swap

Now this one has my name written all over it. Fairly self-explanatory, I mean- cookies!! Invite your favourite sugar coated buddies over for an afternoon of sweet treats. Each party-goer could bring a different type of cookie (home baked or otherwise, we're not judgy round these parts!) and swap recipes and biscuits to your heart's content. You could even set up a decorating station to jazz up a selection of plain ones, using sprinkles and candy and icing and so on. Just don't forget the milk!

Jolly Jumper Mash-Up

This is a silly fun, crafty activity for all ages, simply choose your weapon of choice (tinsel, glitter, knitted reindeer?) and go to town on a thrifted or ancient beloved sweater, then proceed to wear the beauties for rest of the evening revelling in your creations! You could even set up a photo booth area complete with props and errythang, and let the hilarity ensue!

Caroling Karaoke

What do we love more, this time of year, than singing along to those awful, cheesy, classic tunes? Make it a Christmas celebration to remember and take the vocal route! I insist that you combine this with a Mistletoe Mixer or two (festive themed cocktails anyone?), you could even get creative and make teams or red buttons/ scoring cards, hey it's your party!

Workshop Christmas Do

Forget the work's Christmas Do this year and create your very own Elves Workshop party, dressing up your inner Buddy the Elf, stripy tights and all! Deck the halls, throw handfuls of glitter and stock up on candy canes, this is one sweet shindig! You could even arrange activities such as gift wrapping, tree decorating, wreath making, snowball fights! How about decking out your very own hot chocolate bar full of delicious toppings and flavour variations!

So there you have it, creative Christmas gatherings bringing the whole family together to share in the fun. I love this time of year, all the twinkly lights and yummy foods and I'm heading back to the UK for a few days over the holidays, which I'm super excited for, as well as drinking my body weight in hot cocoa whilst dancing around my beautifully lit tree between now and the new year! When it comes to money and presents though, for me a token gift is as far as I go as that's not really what it's all about, but if you were looking for a little inspiration when picking out that perfect something then perhaps my Handmade Gift Guide might be of use!

I invite you all to have a wonderful Christmas and can't wait to hear about all your fun activities and special moments. Stay tuned for some Wintery Style guides and Festive Beauty favourites!

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