Thursday 22 December 2016

Baby It's Cold Outside // Winter Style- Fashion Edition

Winter Style. What is not to love? We're talking layers and layers of cosy texture, sumptuously soft accessories and strutting your stuff in a trusty pair of boots. I love me some cold weather fashion and what a treat have I for you, my lovelies, as I've rounded up some of the top looks to try out this season!

Bold and Beautiful

When the weather is a little grey and grumpy why not pack a punch into your day and choose a bright coloured statement jacket. Whatever your flavour, adding a much-needed ray of sunshine will brighten up your day, and anyone you come across, no doubt! These lovelies show this point perfectly! A soft feminine pink is playful and pretty, the rusty orange adds depth and gives a twist to an otherwise classic outfit and this gorgeous sea green freshens up any day to day look!

Sharp Tailoring

How about smartening up your act? Choosing a sharply tailored coat will cut you a mighty fine silhouette with minimal effort and allow you to bring your entire outfit up a notch. You can diversify this touch by opting for equally clean-cut accessories, elevating your look making it easily transferable to night time/ business attire or level things out with some casual pieces paired in. This classic camel coat lets the details do the talking and my what a speech! The crisp, dark pea coat sharpens up an otherwise casual collection and the combination of deep sumptuous red colour and luxurious wool fabric create an overall look perfect for neatening up this Winter.

Layer It Up

This is a favourite element of mine, dressing in multiple layers! There's something deliciously snug about burying yourself in lots of textures and getting to show off much more of your wardrobe than usual is also a plus! Take a leaf from this book and opt for contrasting lengths and colours, play with fabric textures and throw the rule book out of the window altogether, switching things up a bit! A simple take on keeping warm yet looking styled to perfection with an over coat and long scarf, go over sized with your outer layers and add quirky accessories to bring it all together or try wearing your shorter layers on the top, for a distinct fashion upgrade!


The fun thing about Winter is all the goodies to decorate your outfit with and the practicality of staying warm whilst out and about! You can really change up your look by playing with accessories- go for contrasting colours to make things pop, add classic leather to bring a grown up edge and fully embrace the cold with all things woolly! Try adding a sharp, simple long scarf to create clean lines, keeping length to your overall appearance, a classic beanie will keep you warm whilst keeping things casual and youthful, and chunky knits in complimentary colours work wonders to bring an outfit together!

Step On It

// Chelsea Black // Suede Sunrise // Ankle Tan //

What better excuse to treat yourself to a new pair of booties than the imminent blustery weather? Investing in a great pair of boots will see you through many seasons whilst ensuring a bad ass, grounded look despite battling the chill. There are so many styles on offer to suit many a budget, my personal favourite will always be an ankle boot, just so versatile! I love a classic Chelsea boot and this black pair are calling my name, but playing with texture is always a great idea for Winter and suedes or velvets can add a special touch of luxe to your tootsies! But if we're talking a boot for all looks, then it really has to be a tan brown, am I right? This pair, with it's slight point and nicely tapered top helps elongate the leg and keeps things nice and neat, allowing you to wear these bad boys from day right through to night!

Cherry On Top

The crowning glory to any layered up look- a wide brimmed hat! This touch is so simple yet really adds a special something- if you're ballsy enough to really go for it! Keep it dark and classic and pair it down with casual knits and short jackets for an easy day to day look or go super glam matching your crisp brim with a statement coat in jewel colours will stand you apart from the crowd.

Whatever way you decide to stay warm this Winter, perhaps playing with your usual style by adding a bold colour, trying a new accessory or by simply swapping up the order in which you layer, I wish you a snuggly and stylish season, full to the brim with hot chocolate and crisp, morning strolls!

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