Thursday 24 November 2016

Oh You Pretty Things // Mood Board Curations

Fine evening dearest friends, how's your November going so far? The end of this 2016 is just about in sight and there is so much to squeeze into Winter before we ring in a shiny new year. Here in the Netherlands we celebrate Sint 5th December, this wee post will explain further and get you in the mood for all those sweet treats!, so the Christmas festivities begin super early. There are all of those delicious Winter markets to look forward to, creating a snug and cosy home (bring on those cinnamon scented candles!) and plans to make with family and friends (always a sticky web to untangle when you straddle two countries!), my head is spinning with ideas!

One way to focus my mind and steer my creative attentions is and has always been harnessed by a good old fashioned mood board! Over on the Faded Windmills facebook page I collate collections of imagery that inspire me daily and always seem to get me into a productive and creative mood! As you may have noticed from a previous post I have decided to round up some of my favourite mood boards to share with you directly on the blog, so feel free to stick around for a bit of a mooch!

I post these snippets of loveliness over on facebook, but if you'd prefer to see the individual images right from their source then do check out the hub of all curated beauty... pinterest!

For now I intend to soak up a little visual stimulation then put together some ideas for handmade gifts- my favourite thing to give at Christmas. I'm thinking knitted boot toppers, homemade cookies, personalised tree ornaments and make up bag/ cute coin purses... Stay tuned!

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