Wednesday 31 August 2016

Kiss Me Hard Before You Go // How To Hold On To Summer

I'm writing this week's post whilst gazing out of my window at that delicious, end of summer evening haze, a whispering breeze rushing through the very tops of the trees, not a cloud to be found yet evening's warm hue just beginning to stretch across the sky. I must firstly state for the record- I flipping love autumn, but if you're like me and are not quite ready to give up these dreamy, warm evenings, slouching around in flip flops and eating ice lollys with wild abandon, then perhaps these handy tips will help you squeeze those last few drops of summers spirit before the sudden on slew of Instagrammed pumpkin spiced lattes and the return of our long lost friend, the humble 100 deniers.

  • Create a summer playlist! Whether it's an old school mixed cd of favourite warm weather tracks for your final summer fling road trip or a current Spotify track listing used to signify and ring in the final chance to BBQ and shindig in the great outdoors (without multiple layers, that is!)

  • Get colourful! Prep and pamper those tootsies with a lick of bold, brilliant nail polish or opt for a fruity pastel tone, to truly hold on to those beachy vibes a little longer.

  • Stretch your legs! Head outside while the weather is still to be enjoyed and soak up the last of that glorious evening sun, watch the sky change colour and soak up the atmosphere whilst getting a little exercise.

  • Treasure hunt! Seek out fun events and happenings such as end of season festivals, craft fairs and car boot sales and share in the festivities with your neighbours and friends, hey maybe you pick up a special piece of antique furniture or find some vintage gems!

  • Sealed with a kiss! Everyone loves receiving post so why not send some love to your peeps by writing a postcard? I tend to have a stash of cards and stamps ready to whip out for special occasions or simply just to let friends and family know I'm thinking of them. Post cards seem to have that vacation feel to them, which makes the experience of writing, sending and receiving them all the more pleasant.

  • Pool side literature! Holidays are a great time to reach for a novel, as you tend to have plentiful relaxing time whilst working on your freckles, but expand on that vacay feel and get reading some adventure/ travel inspired books from the comfort of home. In fact, why not up this experience a notch and take your reading out to the garden, with a glass of something... Bringing me nicely to my next tip:

  • Happy Hour! Three words for you, chaps- Home. Made. Cocktails. That's right, dust off the smoothie maker, chop up some fruit and get shaking that crushed ice, because it's not summer without a tiny umbrella in your glass! There are so many recipes and combinations to try that there's no excuse not to treat yourself a wee bit. 

  • Spring summer clean! The perfect excuse to sort through your wardrobe, the dreaded task you know you've been putting off. Commit to a bit of domesticated cleanliness while you can open the windows wide. Get the radio on and donate all of those unworn, unwanted items, make a pile of pieces that need repairs or alterations and revel in all of that lovely space (ready to be stocked with those new autumn boots you've had your eye on!!)

  • Adventure is out there! This one isn't strictly a summer task, then again most of these can be adaptable year round, but you can't beat having a little sun on your side for exploring your surroundings, true non?! Head out on foot and take in the sights (you see so much more whilst strolling), hop on a bus or head out on the open road, but take that mini trip you've been planning. Now is the time! Explore a nearby city or village, take the train to a beach you've never before visited or simply turn left rather than right and see where you end up, what quirky coffee shop you discover or beautiful stretch of meadows that were there all along yet you never even knew!

I wish you all a glorious transition from summer to autumn! However scary it is when recognising how quickly time turns, it still fascinates me how we adapt and move between seasons. As the nights grow darker faster and the leaves turn a warmer shade, let's make a point of stopping to appreciate the right now.

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