Tuesday 23 August 2016

Bitchin Stitchin // Embroidered Everyday Fashion

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If ever there was a diverse style, easily interchangeable between genres and trends, embroidered embellishment would be it. From basic wardrobe day to day staples to high end couture, add an appliqué scattering of vintage flowers, a dash of iridescent beading or a kitschy hand stitched phrase and your look is instantly personal, seasonally adaptable and opens your wardrobe up to a newer, fresher level of customising options.

There are so many areas of embroidered fashion that I could go on and on discussing and drooling over, but for today's post I'm focusing on the daily pieces that can be easily woven into any standard outfit, purchased straight off the high street or even created at home with a little DIY know how.

Whether it is a retro 70's denim skirt, complete with floral patches bought on the high street, hand customised jacket giving pearl luxe realness or a absolute work of art depicting an entire jungle scene on your butt- denim seems to be a go to base for a folk inspired feel.

Take it up a notch for an evening look, working on darker backgrounds and more sumptuous fabrics such as velvet and silk and add a touch of sparkle to really amp up the boho starlet vibe.

// Bombs Away // Nuevo Folk //

// Beaded Boho // Pucci Luxe //

Show some pet love and adorn your favourite blouse with an insanely accurate portrait of your kitten, pooch or any other cute as pie image you can think of!

Speaking your mind can sometimes land you in heated water, why not let your collar do all the talking by picking up a needle and thread and hand stitch a love note/ warning for all to see. This would make a super speedy DIY project for those nimble fingered ninjas!

// Spell It Out //

Fully embrace the embroidery and work it into your wardrobe from head to toe. This stunning blouse by Vivetta, (and the entire collection shown in Milan), is an outstanding example of how to combine many inspiring elements into one delicate yet show stopping piece. Another way of working hand stitching is to release your inner country lass and depict meadows and bumble bees a plenty, with a beautiful bodice such as this, or stomp it out in a pair of designer Keds (easily re created with a cheap pair of bumpers and some coloured floss!).

So there you have it, a fine and diverse selection of everyday items that embrace the embroidery in subtle and stand out ways, depending on your mood. I will be keeping an eye out for those silk bomber jackets with delicate floral stitching and can't wait to try out a collar DIY and perhaps even pimp up an old denim jacket! Let me know if you've jumped on this trend or if you've always been a fan, if you have any tips or tricks on how to get this look on a budget or any customising ideas to try out! Keep your eyes peeled for my second post on this bitchin stitchin, but next time round we go large!

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