Wednesday 13 July 2016

Feeling It // Mood Board Curations

Hello there, my fellow visual creatures. I'm excited to share my latest post with you, which features a round up of curated mood boards I've been gathering upon my Faded Windmills facebook page. When it comes to motivating ourselves to living a productive, fulfilling and happy life, I know many of you are with me when I say, beautiful imagery is such an effective mood boosting method, that not only gives your imagination and creative mind a right old work out but puts the cogs in motion for feeling pumped and ready for kicking butt with whatever task is at hand that day.

Personally I love love love walking round an art gallery, preferably in the middle of the day midweek, completely alone and really taking my time to soak up the beautiful exhibits but also the atmosphere and to just truly feel inspired by my surroundings. But for those moments when you can't get to a museum or the park or the fashion quarter of your favourite city for a visual up lift, then my favourite places to hit are found lurking in the glittery depths of the internet, but for those extra tight on time I have been collating some of my favourite pictures (mood depending day to day) on my facebook page and here for you, on the blog today!

Sit back, enjoy, and feel the flow! For more indulgence, tumble down the rabbit hole into my pinterest page where you can be lost for days, discovering the gorgeousness!

I hope you guys are having a great week, what are your favourite places for visual inspiration? Which are your most loved magazines or instagram accounts?? I have a whole list of these which I'm planning on posting at some point, we can never share too many sources of loveliness, right? For the time being, here you can find my previous round up of mood boards, which I hope might give your day the boost it needs to make you reach for that camera, paint brush, walking boots...

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