Wednesday 18 May 2016

Something Sweet // Peanut & Chocolate Fridge Bars

Remember when you were a kid and took such pleasure in whipping up a storm in the kitchen, creating delicious yet humble Rice Crispy Cakes? Well my friends, please let me introduce to you it's pimped up, new and improved second cousin twice removed...

These babies are super simple and mega fast to make and whilst tasting like a dream they don't have to be too naughty (just a little bit!)

Something Sweet // Peanut & Chocolate Fridge Bars

A simple fridge set chocolatey treat, filled to the brim with peanuts, it's thanks to the not so secret ingredient dates that this scrummy sweet gets it's chewiness and with the slightest hint of salt these bad boys will disappear before your very eyes! Talking of irresistible desserts be sure to try my epic carrot cake recipe, perhaps even better use the mixture to make cupcakes!

Something Sweet // Peanut & Chocolate Fridge Bars

All you need to do is melt down some chocolate. I brutally deformed a left over Easter Bunny by bashing him into bits, popping it in a large glass bowl on top of a smaller pan a third full with warm water. Don't let the water boil, be patient and let the heat gently melt the good stuff until smooth.

Chop and de seed the dates, these will be delightfully sticky but hang in there, it will be worth the fight! Throw your wee bits of date into the chocolate followed by a barrage of non salted peanuts and mix together, trying not to eat it directly. 

As a final flourish crunch over the mixture a twist of sea salt, mix together once again and add to the vessel of your choosing. I used a shallow oven dish lined with baking paper, if you were a wondrin.

Pop this in the fridge and prepare to be amazed, as within the hour your chocolate treats will be good to go. Slice them into big or small pieces and eat entirely to yourself. I'm kidding, you should at least offer them to your friends and family (ensuring there is a back up tupperwear box full, for your midnight cravings later).

Something Sweet // Peanut & Chocolate Fridge Bars

Great for a little something sweet during your coffee break, ideal to crack out for guests and even better eaten curled up on the sofa enjoying a good book! Give them a try why don'tcha! You could even jazz up the ingredients adding cherries or marshmallows perhaps... white chocolate... peanut butter... hazelnuts... honeycomb pieces...

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