Wednesday 27 April 2016

Tailor Made // Design Your Own Wardrobe

Amongst a sea of mass produced, identically churned out fashion, those that stand out in their own right are often the folks that adopt a personal style, put together with an exciting mixture of pieces- high street, thrifted or even self made. It is this care free, one of a kind look that allows us to express our own individuality through the use of clothing and creates a fun and practical voice by which we communicate visually.

Creating your very own signature look doesn't have to mean going against the grain of mainstream fashion or shunning brands in order to appear too cool for school, it can simply be how you put an outfit together or dressing for your body over seasonal trends or even, designing an entire piece yourself!

Those naturally gifted with a needle and thread will have no doubt, already adopted hand made pieces into their every day look, but for the creative fellow with lack of time, resources or skills there are some seriously epic ways to amp up the volume and tailor your style to your every fashion need!

The clever clogs over at Gorgeous Couture, offering luxury British fashion, have hit the nail on the head with this immersive website, full to the brim with stunning outfits custom fit to your body measurements at the click of a button. You simply choose the garment you desire, in the colour of your choice, hand over your digits and await a beautifully bespoke item, letting the professionals do the work!

In my opinion, there really isn't an easier, more versatile way to change up an existing outfit into something seriously instagram worthy than by accessorising with some killer jewels. And what better way to do this than by using the incredibly stylish services of Diwah and design your own statement jewellery! You can either buy straight from the Diwah collections (good luck choosing just one item!) or take control, choosing the style, the components and arranging them to suit your every desire, in a seamless online process! Believe me when I say, the website is super fun and provides the best parts of jewellery crafting- minus the fiddly construction! There is so much to choose from that they narrow down their Aladdin's cave of beads and beauties into super stylish themes, such as Tribal, Sea Breeze and Rebel. Once you're happy with your new game changer and the order is placed, you receive not only your jewellery but also a personal note from the jewellery designer that made it for you!

For on the go inspiration check out the Instagram page from Diwah for gorgeous statement necklaces and fresh ideas!

When it comes to designing your own footwear, there really is no alternative option that to pay Shoes of Prey a visit, a sure fire way to put a spring in your step! Following their online guide you can design to your hearts content until you have the pair of your dreams, at a super reasonable price too! From soft buttery suede brogues to your new summer sandals, create your own kicks and transform your look in a hop, skip and a jump!

Finally, for all your customising needs, be sure to check out the wonderful world of Etsy! Most Etsy stores offering handmade articles will no doubt provide a customisation, allowing you to pick and choose, tailoring your wardrobe as you go! Awesome shops such as Tmeprinting will have you sniggering into your coffee at their geek friendly slogan tee's, LEAPprints let you do the talking and will put the sass in your shopping by adding a quote of your choosing to fine cotton canvas totes and why not add an individual touch to a classy boudoir staple and have My Everyday Party sprinkle your name in glitter?!

So what are you waiting for? Flex those design muscles and get busy transforming your look into something more you!

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