Wednesday 16 March 2016

Random thoughts on a fairly sunny Wednesday...

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* I really should take my make up off at night.

* Why do I spend so much time worrying about what people think, and worse, let those thoughts hold me back?

* What if we all wrote a daily journal for a year and then sent them on to someone on the other side of the world (that spoke a mutual language... ), or swapped with a family member/ friend. How much more we would connect with people, learn to walk in someone else's shoes, appreciate your own life and worry less about small things, be humbled by other perspectives, situations, cultures.

* How cool would it be to have your make up done by one of RuPaul's ladies!

* I should buy flowers more often.

* I wonder if I'll ever live in England again...

* Sure hope these little plants grow. It would be most excellent to eat something home grown!

* Why don't our local blue tits like the bird seed we put out? Picky little buggers!

* I wonder how many people are looking out of a window right now, at this very moment...

* What book should I pick up next? Those thinner ones would bump up my read number but I so want to start Outlander or The Name of the Wind...

* Should I be concerned about Brexit, being a Brit living in a European country other than the UK?

* How much is too much chocolate?

* Note to self, pick up some SPF, that March sunshine really packs a punch!

* Why is it that time feels to be slipping out of my fingers too quickly yet I can never seem to motivate myself to get stuff done? I really am a walking contradiction...

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