Wednesday 3 February 2016

Tough Love // Costume meets Fashion #2

If you know me at all then you'll already be aware of my netflix addiction, so naturally when Marvel released their latest instalment of super hero goodness via that beautiful streaming high way, I was set and ready to go. For a comic book nerd I knew surprisingly little about this particular character but boy was I intrigued, and the more I watch the more I likey!

If you like your super heros perfectly flawed, kick butt bad ass with a heavy dose of sarcasm then Jessica Jones is for you. Episode by episode we learn more about her strengths and weaknesses, back story and fellow intricate characters, all the while served with a fist full of attitude!

While you add this action packed show to your list, feel free to take a moment and enjoy the dark and grungy style of our leading character! Smudgy eye liner, heaps of distressed leather and a mane as black as her wit is sharp, this is one seriously wearable style; car flipping and whiskey drinking optional.

Jessica Jones wears: Warehouse

Jessica Jones wears: H&M

Jessica Jones wears: C&A

Are you a fan of the show already or are you more of a Downton dolly? What is your general style when it comes to viewing content? I love a bit of everything, hence my addiction, but am always on the look out for suggestions!

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