Monday 9 November 2015

Cosy Weekends // Three Top Posts

Life has been pretty busy these last few weeks, busy in a breath taking whirlwind kind of way! I bagged myself a little job and am really challenging myself with this one, relying solely on my current knowledge and skill of the Dutch language and am trying to soak up as much of it as possible with each shift. Having this job should help push my studying to the next level, that is if I don't psych myself out in the mean time (ah me and my self doubting ways).

I have also been crocheting up a storm, creating a few prototypes and mock ups of designs, hoping to have them tried and tested and ready to pop online. Oh and of course I've been distracting myself by crocheting pumpkins and slippers and what not... So naughty!

Over the weekend, besides squeezing in a few much needed strolls through the leaf sodden meadows I've been getting my read on, trying out some new podcast series and had a good old Friday night tv binge!

My favourite posts from the weekend were these three, offering up words of wisdom, motivation and inspiration from some of my most loved blogs:

'Little ways to get yourself motivated for the day' posted by From Roses; this is one to save and re read on those lazy, unproductive mornings.

One Sheepish Girl posted about 'We Are Knitters Signage Sweater Kit'; offering a discounted code when purchasing one of these stunning ready to go kits, so so tempting!

One to truly make you stop and think was 'Reluctant lessons in dealing with terrible people' from Awash With Wonder; this woman just knows how to send a message, all of those thoughts and feelings that swim around our tangled minds are laid beautifully bare in this honest post.

For other updates please feel free to head over to my Faded Windmills facebook page, loaded with pretty visuals and crammed with inspiring bits from the internet, or if you're interested in swapping book recommendations then don't hesitate to check out my Goodreads page. Have a great week, friends, and look forward to catching up soon!

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