Sunday 7 June 2015

Give It Away Now // #bloggerbookswap

So the gorgeous Char over at t*rexes and tiaras held one of her annual #bloggerbookswap events where readers of her blog can unite in their shared love of literature. Of course anything to do with books, treasure hunting and post and I'm definitely in; with today's feature I wanted to share with you the delightful parcel I received!!

Char lovingly matched up all of her contributors and upon receiving our postal partners and a few likes and dislikes we set to task, picking out a book or two to wrap up with a bow and send to it's new owner. The great part about this particular event is that the books are previously owned by you! So not only do you receive a newbie with high recommendations but you also get to lighten your shelves whilst knowing your precious novels will live on and be looked after by fellow readers!

I managed to land myself the belle of the ball and got to choose a little parcel for Char herself, and upon opening my little treat from her I couldn't believe what beautiful things lay beneath that barrage of stamps!

Not only do I now own (and can't wait to sink my teeth into) Theft of Life by Imogen Robertson and The Death of Lyndon Wilder and the Consequences Thereof written by D. A. Dineley but I also have the cutest note pad/ sketch book, a bundle of sea green bracelets and a stunning post card! What a gift!!

Both of the books have me super intrigued and sound totally my cup of tea when it comes to novels. Theft of Life is set in London 1785 after the body of a West Indies planter is discovered in the grounds of St Pauls. Investigations pursue and fingers begin pointing but as the plot untangles the answers do not appear to be as simple as once thought. And in The Death of Lyndon Wilder we follow the arrival of Ridley Halls new governess Anna Arbuthnot. Entering a household deep in mourning and befriending a newly orphaned young charge, chaos, threats and family legacies question the strength and survival of Ridley estate.

Two hefty reads that I am incredibly excited to get stuck into and who knows, possibly even worthy of passing on to another book lover, sharing stories and recommendations and a great way to give an old novel a new lease of life!

Be sure to keep a close eye on t*rexes and tiaras as Char hosts many a creative swap event, so head over and get involved!


  1. Seriously pretty mail. I'm adding both books to my list; they sound intriguing! The possibility of book swaps is yet another way they win over kindles.)

  2. A book swap sounds like such a lovely idea!

  3. You know that's true! I didn't even think of it that way!! Especially swapping with a fellow lover of books, you know then they will go to a good home. (Can you tell I'm too sentimental?)

  4. It is, isn't it. The best part is searching your shelves for something to suit their taste and gathering the extra little touches to the parcel! And of course receiving a new book is wonderful too ; )

  5. That looks just about the cutest little package to receive through the post!!

    xx Mary //

  6. My smile was from ear to ear!!

  7. Ah that's lovely to hear! I'm heading over for a read immediately : )

  8. Lovely idea, huh? Books AND post!! You should take part, it's super fun choosing for a perfect stranger. Thank you, petal : )