Saturday 16 May 2015

Catching Up

I had one of those moments recently when you look up and suddenly weeks have gone by yet I've no recollection of the passing time. I know I can be somewhat of an airhead (tis true) but seriously, who stole the last month or so? And whoever it was, can you please tell me what I've been up to and whether it was interesting or not?!

My weary forgetfulness is one of the major reasons I am a list maker. Yes. I am one of those annoying people with scraps of paper floating around with their inner most personal thoughts listed amongst a cupcake recipe and next weeks errands, post it notes galore and one too many notebooks on the go. Lists are a bit of a life saver and for a naturally gifted worrier such as myself, they can relieve a stressed mind and allow for some restful sleep!

Blogging is also a fantastic way to record those moments you wish to hold onto and to share on. So with the winning combination of sharing my recent thoughts and findings in list formation before they are entirely lost to me, lets have a wee catch up!

wearing: Bare legs; making the most of that summery weather (however brief it was). Casual pencil skirts; comfy, flattering and easy to wear.

searching: Apartment hunting in the East of the Netherlands; yes, a move is on the cards!

planning: Coffee and cake with a new friend. Whipping up a retro silhouette blouse for the #Simplicitybloggerchallenge.

coveting: All of the beautiful copies of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland that seem to be illuminating the book shops at the moment, in honour of the novels 150th anniversary. My particular favourites were this eye popping pink and black, leather bound hard back copy and also the stunning Penguins Classics version and of course this punchy, one of a kind cover designed by Dame Vivienne Westwood.

listening: The neighbours chickens gossiping in the garden and my early morning cycle playlist. On. Repeat.

studying: Dutch of course, by translating the visually wonderful Flow magazine. Win win!

finishing: My first ever crochet blanket!

reading: After devouring The Help by Kathryn Stockett and A Darker Shade of Magic by V E Schwab I went, once again, in an altogether different direction and am currently reading and enjoying Northanger Abbey by the legend that is Jane Austin.

marathoning: Orphan Black series one and two. Boy was I hooked from the get go. To appease my appetite after completing what Netflix had to offer on the series I have begun to watch The Fall; creepy, dark and mysterious chock full of irresistible Irish accents.

polishing: My CV. You never know when your next project or career adventure is around the corner...

consuming: Caramel cappuccino by the bucket load, pear ice lollies and rijst pap (cold rice pudding!).

adding: These new Dutch phrases and words to my growing vocab; 'Een flesje champagne opentrekken en op de tafels dansen!' ~ open a bottle of champagne and dance on the tables! 'Genieten van wat er is' ~ enjoy what there is. 'Trouw zijn aan jezelf' ~ being true to yourself. 'Begeren' ~ covet. 'Paplepel ingegoten' ~ spoonfed. 'Bewondert' ~ admire.

receiving: A beautiful post card from my beautiful friend and an exciting parcel from the lovely Char for her #bloggerbookswap event!

pinning: Always, always pinning. Most recently though lots of interior inspiration with the move coming up, seeking a new look for my hair this summer and many an hour procrastinating with other beautiful images.

feasting my eyes: Love Rosie, Cake, Still Alice, Laggies, Begin Again and Last Night. Fuelling my love of film, and apparent interest in Keira of late!

So out comes the notebook and pencil in preparation of journaling the upcoming weeks. Feel free to share below anything you've been up to lately or any of your favourite things from this month!


  1. This could so very easily be me. My whole life is held together with post it notes.

  2. So glad I'm not the only one!! ; )

  3. I'm 100% the same when it comes to lists, I just have mountains of lists everywhere at all times. It's a bit ridiculous! Sounds like you've been really busy though! I'm going to stalk your pins now... haven't been on pinterest for a while...! x

  4. Hurray! Can't beat a good pinterest session!! : )