Monday, 30 March 2015

Spring Fever // Sewing Wish List

As the fluffy clouds gradually sweep across a brightening sky, becoming bluer and bluer with each passing week, I feel more than ready to dust off my trusty sewing machine and whip up a storm. And by storm I mean get back into sewing for myself and attempting a few fresh and spring like pieces!

The styles that have really caught my attention lately seem both seasonally appropriate, figure flattering and have a simple silhouette that can be created in a super wide variety of fabrics. Woop!

First up on my Spring sewing wish list is a gentle shirt / blouse with short, capped or sloping sleeves, something light and breezy, not too fitted. Perhaps one button up and one loose over head style. Collar or none, I simply can not yet decide, maybe I will see where the fabric takes me (nice way of saying I'll wing it!). Here are some stunning examples of the type of beauty that I'm jabbering on about:

//image // image // image //

//image // image //

The second item whizzing round my busy mind is a dress. Again, short, bracelet or cap sleeve (is this a longing for warm weather?), fitted top but not tight tight with a slight kick to the skirt. Not long but not short is my usual go to with dress length. Nothing too fussy, nice and easy form constructed from possibly a cotton denim fabric, something light but with a bit of hold. Here are my visual prompts showing a variation on said silhouette:

// image // image // image //

// image // image //

Lots of gorgeous shape and design inspiration, next thing to do is narrow down ideas and source a fabric. First things first however, is to finish the pair of knitted socks I am in the middle of (birthday present for my boyfriend), before I begin any new projects!! Are any of you guys guilty of unfinished business? I'm awful for having too many ideas at once and letting that stop me from completing things. Naughty.

Here's to some sunshine! We can hope, can't we?? : )


  1. I'm a novice when it comes to dressmaking but I'm going to a class soon and making a dress. Hopefully I'll come away with something I can wear! Fingers crossed for some nice warm spring weather. Good luck with your stitching projects :)

  2. That's fab!! Ahh, I hope you enjoy it. Maybe you will show us internet folk what you create?.. ; )

  3. Oooo this reminds me - my Jane Austen tutor at uni hand-sewed most of her clothes and inspired me to give sewing a go, but I haven't gotten any further than my Cath Kidtson Christmas ornaments kit... that was really fun though :) What would you recommend as a good second project? :)

  4. Wow, she sounds wonderful!! What an inspiration! If you are looking to begin machine sewing, then I would say how about hitting pinterest and gathering some visuals for say, a simple skirt or a pinny (for crafts or cooking?) or if you are more into hand stitching then there are many cute little projects to get practicing with, such as a needle purse or a pin cushion : D

    Exciting times!

  5. I'd love to make those shirts in those first pics, they're so cute! I'm going to a dressmaking class soon, so maybe! Good luck with your projects, I'm the same...always starting things but never finishing, oops! x

    Josie’s Journal

  6. You are?! That's blooming exciting. i can't wait to see what you whip up! : )