Wednesday 21 January 2015

To Do

Get back in the saddle and reacquaint myself with my sewing machine, set new challenges and projects.

Keep chugging through my Dutch book, set a study timetable, search for fresher study material, watch more Dutch tv.

Write some blog posts in bulk and start scheduling posts, get organised, become more frequent (without setting dates), make time for photography.

Prepare and pack for my trip to England!

Build up some productive playlists on spotify //blogging, studying, travel, crafting//.

Purchase a new hard drive and back up!

Plan places to visit around SW Germany for our holiday in March.

Squeeze every day out of my birthday month, begin with planning all the baking!

Organise and file photographs, clean up and edit, label etc.

Frequently journal and document (my memory sucks), daily tasks and recorded thoughts, ideas etc.

Move more. Source motivation and quit the sofa. Make use of my yoga mat daily!

Write a clear plan for my shop, begin with prototypes, organisation, paper work, build up pattern network.


  1. We have very similar to do lists! I like the idea of dedicating some time to organize and schedule blog posts and to set aside time for photography. It's crazy how life seems to flash by and I forget to keep on top of the things I love! I also need to get back into sewing... So many unfinished projects. My machine is probably so mad at me. Have fun on your trip!

  2. I love this list! These kinds of posts are always interesting and seeing what other people are up to (I think that's the nosy parker in me!). Waahh when are you coming to England and did I miss this in a previous post somehow? If you're in London at all please let me know - we should have a hot chocolate or something! :) xxx

  3. Laila, that is such a super idea! I'm generally around Birmingham, since my family are all Midlands based, but I will OF COURSE be in touch if I manage to arrange a detour in your direction! That would be incredibly awesome. I'll keep you posted! : D

  4. Hahaha! Ahh, I'm sure it will forgive you as soon as you get going again! I'm a bit naughty too for unfinished projects, but as you say, life does tend to have a habit of flying by very quickly!! : )