Sunday, 25 January 2015

Pencil Me In // Etsy Buy

Dearest friends of the internet, please let me introduce you to my new scrummy treasures, purchased from a wonderfully sleek and quirky Etsy store DubuDumo **big dreamy sigh**

When surfing the tumultuous waves of online delights, it can be super tricky to choose that special piece of desk wear that will organise your chaos, keep you up to date and hold your hand, leading you through a new year, with ease and style!

There are so many gorgeous designs, beautifully sumptuous papers and all manner of notation devices that when you see one (or the two, in my case!), that really jump out at you, then you just know it's meant to be! Hey, I take my stationary seriously...

This leather covered academic monthly/ weekly planner (or journal as I will be making FAST use of this beauty), and it's cute partner in crime, the standing weekly scheduler found their way into my greedy little hands through the Aladdin's cave that is Etsy, specifically DubuDumo. Seoul based but shipping worldwide, DubuDumo sell all kinds of organisational wonders and stationary delights, from sticky note macaroons to animal shaped wooden business card holders, so good I had to buy two pieces!

Both of these planners were exactly as described online and if I dare say, even better in the flesh. The soft buttery fabric used for the blush pink diary is beyond gorgeous and the quality paper used for each of them is such great quality. The desk planner sits perfectly sound and displays two pages, ready for your weekly notes, reminders and important dates, not forgetting space for your all important to do list! The smaller slim diary has the perfect combination of a year review spread over two pages, monthly sheets and of course the ever useful daily slots. There are also a great amount of empty pages that always house the odd phone number, blog post idea and doodle procrastination!

A gentle push to get my shiz together, to keep on track of up coming events and to remind myself to record more of my thoughts and ideas but also daily happenings. Now, where do I buy a purdy pencil with which to write upon my shiny new pages...

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

To Do

Get back in the saddle and reacquaint myself with my sewing machine, set new challenges and projects.

Keep chugging through my Dutch book, set a study timetable, search for fresher study material, watch more Dutch tv.

Write some blog posts in bulk and start scheduling posts, get organised, become more frequent (without setting dates), make time for photography.

Prepare and pack for my trip to England!

Build up some productive playlists on spotify //blogging, studying, travel, crafting//.

Purchase a new hard drive and back up!

Plan places to visit around SW Germany for our holiday in March.

Squeeze every day out of my birthday month, begin with planning all the baking!

Organise and file photographs, clean up and edit, label etc.

Frequently journal and document (my memory sucks), daily tasks and recorded thoughts, ideas etc.

Move more. Source motivation and quit the sofa. Make use of my yoga mat daily!

Write a clear plan for my shop, begin with prototypes, organisation, paper work, build up pattern network.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Lipstick On Your Collar

// image //

You know that expression 'it's all in the details'? Well after diving into a fashion packed inspiration sea of fine detailing and clever little touches, all I want to do is update my wardrobe with these beautiful collar led looks!

Something so simple can really update an outfit, allows you to express creativity and personality and sets you apart from a crowd of crew necks. This look is so easily achieved, even when layering up to survive this chilly weather, in fact, these sweet collars look especially cute when peeking out from under a jumper!

// image //

// image //

// image //

// image //

// image //

Printed blouse, scalloped edge or fastened with a vintage pin; there are so many ways to work this style and each one gives a special twist to an otherwise regular get up. If retro is your thing, pair your pretty blouse with a fitted knit and second hand brooch, or perhaps you prefer a more masculine fashion, working the sharp edge of a classic white shirt worn with a beautiful pair of brogues, or go for cutie pie with a peter pan curve under a checked pinafore.

Scattered across the wonderful world of internet, there are many fab tutorials for re shaping an existing collar into a fun new shape and also DIY videos for knitted and crochet pieces, such as this beaut of a post by Erin from The Halfway Point blog.

What are your thoughts on the peek a boo blouse? Are you a fan of fine detailing an outfit? Do you have any other great tips on how to achieve something similar?