Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Wrap It Up

Let's embrace this cold weather together and as the last of the autumnal leaves fall from it's winding branch, grab your warmest garb and wrap up tight, in style!

As a lover of layers, this time of year never bothers me. Don't get me wrong, I'm no fan of being chilly! But working with a variety of textures and shades, fixing up a weather suited out fit isn't really that big of a deal. Especially with what's on offer this season!

I have selected a few of my favourite 'out door wear' looks to give a little inspiration for those fearing the freeze!

Fashionistas Frenzie:

Bold silhouettes, simple colour ways, fine detailing and dressed up or down with ease!

// image1 // image2 // image3 //

Femme Fatale:

Sweet hues, swirling skirts, figure enhancing cut, work with what you got!

// image1 // image2 // image3 //

Check It Out:

Where pattern and texture unite, contrast or compliment your colours, a little check goes a long way!

// image1 // image2 // image3 //

For those of us with an old faithful, hidden at the back of the wardrobe, or perhaps we're saving a few pennies here and there, why not try a little home trickery to spruce up a worn and loved coat, giving you a fresh look for the coming season?!

// image //

Taking your coats or jackets for a good dry clean, really is worth the extra effort as this simple task can breathe life into a garment that may have seen better days.

// image //

Another clever and cheaptastic idea is to change up your existing buttons for a complete set of newbies. You can buy buttons from most haberdashery market stalls/ shops/ online or you could hit the charity shops looking out for whatever catches your eye and upcycle a few. This is such a quick and easy way to give your favourite piece a whole new appeal.

You could add a belt to cinch in the waist, embellish a jacket with embroidery or lace or even just by pushing or turning up the sleeves you can achieve a very different out come. Next step is to add your winter woollies and you're good to go, ready for whatever frosty frights might come our way!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

A Thing Of Beauty

Wonderfully curious beings of the internet, I wanted to share a little treasure with you.

Since moving to the Netherlands and taking on this grand adventure, I have grown to love this place, taken steps towards broadening my little world and have adapted and developed in a ton of ways, but one thing that will remain a constant struggle is missing my family and peoples back in the UK. One thing I continue to busy myself with is finding ways to stay connected to those I miss, and although it takes a lot of effort on both sides, things begin to find a pattern and routine and become fun, rather than a hole in my daily thinkings.

My parents are particularly good at making me feel super special, even from this distance, and one particular moment occurred a few days ago. Following a pretty cruddy couple days I decided to venture out to the city on a solo mission to explore a little and cheer myself up in the process, and my oh my what did I stumble across? A huge book store! A spent a ridiculous amount of time wandering around (which you indeed can very well do, guilt free, when you're alone!), I was in my element. Shelves upon shelves on wonderment and promise, welcoming me amongst their midst!

After losing time hidden within the classics I was given strict instructions from the parentals, via a pleasant but brief phone call, that I was not to leave the book shop without treating myself to a brand shiny new novel AND that I was to park my butt in the store's coffee shop and enjoy something delicious with a page or two of my latest find. My folks are the best!

This, dear friends, is the little gift I chose for myself!

"If it weren't I who was to be always young and the picture that was to grow old! For that - for that - I would give everything!"

The Picture of Dorian Gray written around 1890 by Oscar Wilde. This classic novel tells of a mysterious young and beautiful Dorian Gray, and his life of excess and corruption. Full of secrecy and scandal, I couldn't be more excited to sink my teeth into this notorious piece of writing, a story which is well known by most but has sat on my 'to read' list since forever. Until now, that is.

This book caused huge out rage and controversy when it was first published, due to it's uninhibited content and the issues it covers. A gothic piece of writing that has staying the passing of time, has been used and referred to in countless other productions and can we please take a moment to appreciate this particular copy, which ironically so, was what caught my attention initially!

This fine edition, in all it's leather bound glory, boasts a stunning front and back cover, a satin ribbon book mark, marbled end papers and perhaps the most distinctive feature, it's green stained edging! Friends, I am in love! This will make a beautiful addition to my beloved book shelf and having devoured the opening chapter, I look forward to falling into this story and escaping into the tale of this most notorious Victorian libertine, in all it's saucy mystery!

What simple gesture can put a smile on your face? Is there something that cheers you up, a little treat for yourself or a kind moment exchanged with a beloved?