Tuesday 28 October 2014

Setting The Scene For Halloween!

Welcome boys and girls of this world and beyond, to a spectacularly spooky feast of all things wickedly wonderful, in preparation for a weekend of ghosts and ghouls! For on this very Friday eve of all things hallowed, we celebrate the frightfully fiendish and totally milk the opportunity to eat sweets all evening... So lock your windows and doors, check under your bed and be sure to grab your pillow (or teddy bear) to hide behind because kids, you're in for a bumpy ride!!

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Friday evening I'm certain to be having a heavy dose of nightmares after watching the 2013 remake of the classic horror Evil Dead. Don't ask me why I'm doing this to myself (and Rich!), for I have absolutely no idea, but I'm a sucker for a fast paced, pant wettingly jumpy, watch it with the lights on horror flick! 

Another fantastic remake I highly recommend is the vengeful tale of Carrie, a well known movie adaptation of the bloody novel by Stephen King (a great read!), with this 2013 version starring the wonderful Chloe Moretz and Julianne Moore as her crazy ass mother.

If you were hoping for something a little less blood thirsty, how about this brilliant cinematic number by the majestically bananas Tim Burton, FRANKENWEENIE! This is a beautiful piece of film made using a traditional stop motion technique, and the most detailed and typically Burton style puppets. It is a really sweet story and clever take on the original Frankenstein concept with some deliciously deranged characters! Take a look over here! for a puppetry featurette.

A Halloween special would never be the same if I did not indulge and mention my top films for a fright (or simply just because!), movies I have seen an uncountable amount of times and still love: Hocus PocusPractical MagicThe Craft and The Faculty! Long live the 90s!!

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There is some brilliant stuff on tv at the moment, and my top picks just happen to be of the spine tingling variety! Gothic literary tales, beautifully intricate costumes, historical and gory to the bone; it can only be Penny Dreadful.

Fan girls and sci-fi geeks unite, or those that are here for the eye candy alone; let's share our love for the epically cheesy yet seriously addictive Supernatural (this trailer is for season 1 since I couldn't bring myself to watch the season 10 trailer for fear of spoilers... I'm THAT sad). This is one of those shows that I will watch and rewatch, the characters are brilliantly flawed and incredibly honest about it, the humour and wit is continuous despite the creepy content and my are these boys pretty!

For the more mature amongst us, Hannibal is a gripping series crammed full of intelligent story lines, unfathomable characters- some with a rather choice appetite... This programme will keep you guessing the whole way through, have you on the edge of your seat and leave you wanting more. One for a Netflix marathon weekend!

And if I hadn't mentioned it enough in other posts (sorry y'all), American Horror Story seems ideal for such an occasion, especially as the latest season has just begun, and if you thought the other 3 weren't gruesome and freakish enough, well you're in for a real treat! Oh, and if you aren't a fan of clowns, this might be one to skip!!

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The one thing that annoys me about Halloween is that you have this marvellous opportunity to go all out on a witty costume, hand stitching something together that is both hilarious and clever and yet into the party walks 6 slutty vampires, 11 scantily clad 'cats', 4 pirate ho's, a Wonder Woman that has more power in her cleavage busting corset than her lasso and 63 Elsas (ladies, let it go... I couldn't help myself). How about a little thought people!! Here to help are a wisely selected few that get my approval;

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And for my absolute favourite look...

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Feast your eyes on these devilishly delicious goodies!

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To top off this wickedly wonderful weekend why not pick up a gothic tale to raise shivers on the back of your neck or a classic ghost story fit to frighten even the bravest souls? My suggestions for a chilling read are as follows; the latest instalment of THE Vampire Chronicles, yes that's right, the master of Vampires is back, the one and only Anne Rice delivers number 11 in the chronicles, Prince Lestat! Only released into bookshops this week, what perfect timing to dive back into the gloriously divine world of that very naughty vamp Lestat?!

Also worthy of a read is the thrilling novel Before I Go To Sleep by S J Watson. This is a chilling twister of a tale following the traumatic awakening of Christine, who starts each day not knowing who she or anyone around her is, and her frantic chase to discover hidden memories before all is forgotten for good.

And of course, on the top of my 'to be read before the movie hits the big screen' list is a book by Joe Hill called Horns, revealing a seriously messed up 'morning after the night before' for poor Ignatius... This charming yet sinister character just happens to be played in the movie by Mr Daniel Radcliffe.

Now if you aren't ready for a hellish good time this Halloween, I don't know what else to suggest! ; )
What are you guys up to in the name of all things scary?! Do you alter your reading around this time of year, gearing towards a terrifying tale? Or do you have any top tips on sprucing up our interiors to really set the scene?


  1. Ah those 90's Witch type movies really take me back. I'd forgotten how much I used to enjoy watching the Craft. I think I'm going to have an American Horror Story binge-fest this Halloween. I've yet to see season 3 although liked season 2 a lot. My own Halloween viewing post is here if you're curious.

    1. Ahh I'm excited for your AHS weekend marathon! It is such a clever show, almost like a theatre troop, using the same actors in each season as different characters, really original idea. Plus, it's super spooky!

      Now if there's one thing I love, Halloween or not, it's a good vampire story, and your round up of the best on screen and literary, is great!! : )