Sunday 28 September 2014

Southern Belle

"Oh hello.
Let's share our thoughts and hopes and dreams as well as our awkward faces and our silly moments and our tragically funny failures. In other words, let's be friends." The Blue Threshold.

With an invitation like that who can blame me for falling in love with the charming Sofia and her world of insightful content, stunning photography and majestic aura, sprinkled throughout each post on her blog The Blue Threshold?

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It was the dreamy yet concise imagery that led me to discovering this delightful blog, as I borrowed one of Sofia's original photographs for a book review here. Not only had I stumbled across one of my now most frequented blogs, I also made an acquaintance in the lovely lady herself. Friendly, honest and down right sassy, trust me when I say you'll want to add this to your Bloglovin feed!

Sofia writes about all that fuels her mind. This blog has a little of everything and I don't know about you but besides having quality as a constant, I love diversity in subject. This could be because of how down right nosey I am or my will to learn as much as possible, but The Blue Threshold keeps me coming back for more, just to see what new adventure is in store.

Covering topics such as style;

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Get Styled By Me On Keaton Row
Worn: Chanel Mary Jane Pumps


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Haul: Books (Summer 2014)
Booktube-a-thon TBR (and what I've read so far)

To everything in between such as moving back to her roots in Texas and even mentions of the most desirable lip shades.

Gone To Texas
Borrowed: Taking Stock
Blog Crush

Join the journey and breathe in that warm southern air! You can find Sofia on her blog and also hanging out over on twitter and even facebook.

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