Tuesday 17 June 2014


Every now and then life can leave us a little frazzled and more than a little grumpy, but I have discovered just the ticket to remedy this!

// Airport adventures //

Shaking up your routine, stepping out for some fresh air and re visiting what it is that fuels your passion for life can make a serious difference to your mood. After riding a ginormous wave of emotions upon my move here to the Netherlands, as the dust begins to settle and the pieces start to fall into place, I found myself in some what of an energy slump. I suppose it's only natural after such a roller coaster of feelings, but I wasn't liking my new found frown, always feeling tired and just general lack of enthusiasm.

Where had my lust for adventure gone? My need for exploration and excitement of new horizons. Oh wait, that little thing called real life started! Hooray! Trust me, real life is JUST what I need and despite this hangover of sorts leaving me with the sudden realisation of starting from scratch in a new place; it was the lack of inspiration itself that prompted me to kick my own butt and step out of the fog.

Addressing the particulars was step one. Figuring out just what was pulling my mood down, then writing a plan of action to tackle this. Missing my family was on the top of the list, and the ideal and most obvious solution... Jump on a plane to England! Just by spending time with a handful of my favourite people I feel instantly energised, bringing this fresh attitude back to Holland with me! 

Along with the catch ups, heart to hearts, much too much food and plentiful hugs, I feel connected once again. All areas of my life are reinforced now, for a while at least. I feel excited to start looking for my latest career adventure, ready to put myself out there and try some new paths. I am appreciating what I have and where I am in my life, seeing my discoveries with new eyes and understanding my achievements better. 

Inspiration can be found in all kinds of places, and I feel, with this shift in attitude, I can absorb more positivity and 'go get em' thoughts, using this to feed my enthusiasm. I intend to make the most of this while it is active, as I am fully aware that our emotions change like the waning moon, and plan to pour my energy into looking for work, getting creative with my craft projects, losing myself in writing and perhaps even taking those first steps towards opening the Etsy shop I've been taunting myself with for years now (actual years).

By sharing this little attitude change and general update with you chaps, I hope to pass on the cheerfully cosmic powers of karma and wish you all a ridiculously productive, laughter filled and down right fabulous week. And if it ain't so, then please please drop me a line, we can shake off the grumps together!


  1. Oh, I am glad you managed to get out of that slump! I get the everyday life blues too sometimes, especially when it's grey outside and I don't feel energised to get stuff done (which is more often than I'd like to admit!) Taking a trip to England to catch up with family sounds like the perfect remedy. I definitely find that it's better to take a break and change things up rather than try to persevere in a bad mood. A change is as good as a rest, as they say! Thank you for the positive karma, I can feel the good vibes already :)

    p.s. thank you for your beautiful comment on my blog, it meant a lot :)

    1. Ah no worries, it just happened to be a subject I feel strongly about!

      I think you're right! Stepping away from the grumpy mood and changing up a situation is just the ticket!


  2. It must have been lovely to see your family again! I'm glad that you're feeling inspired again, sometimes all we needd is to spend time with family and friends to set us on the right track and improve our mood :) I've found this post inspiring Gemma, so hopefully my week will turn out to be as productive as yours sounds like it will be!


    1. Ah Gemma, please let me know how your week turns out!!

      I'm holding onto this enthusiasm tightly, I tell you! Feeling much more positive, even about the crumby things like job hunting; it's all perspective, right? : )

  3. Oh Gem, this makes me so happy. Your positivity shines through your words like the brightest of sunbeams - I hope you are able to hold on to those feelings for a long time to come (enough time to get your shop on the road. A shop I know will be fantastic!!). Thank you for sharing your story of reconnection :D

    1. Oh you gorgeous crumpet!! Thanks chum. It always helps to have brilliantly good friends, and for this I am beyond grateful to you, dearest : )