Saturday 22 March 2014

A Little Birdie Told Me

There is something timeless about a good piece of writing. Literature connects people, each of us tangled together in a sticky web of thoughts and feelings, linked to one another through the weaving of words. A barely spoken whisper can hold such emotion and deliver mighty impact. A note scribbled on the back of an envelope. The beginnings of stories, told over and over, weightless yet enduring.

Whether it is your favourite book or a line from a song, there is a story in everything, even your own to tell. I salute the people with courage enough to share their tale with the world around them, to open themselves up in a vulnerable state, to allow outsiders in.

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Once upon a time, writing was for writers. You know, successful established and published. The lucky few that pursue a dream and strike gold as the doors of acceptance and acknowledgement swing open. But that is not where the story ends. For every 'head in the clouds' day dreamer, such as myself, there is opportunity to delve into the world of writing, to take your first steps towards a chapter and to develop a taste for description.

A fantastically eloquent and exciting post, opened my eyes to the perfect starting block, and you'll never believe what it is! The ever gorgeous Bee from Vivatramp has shone the light on this new challenge called #TwitterFiction. Yes, that's right TWITTER fiction. If you haven't already devoured Bee's post, then what on earth are you waiting for? There's another link right here! The seamless wordsmith herself, offers some excellent tips on getting started, including the use of prompts and visual inspiration boards. Of course, I can not resist but to contribute, and have compiled a selection of images based on my own prompts, as suggested on the delightful Vivatramp.

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/ / skin. veins. stretching. tight. pierce. silence. ground. grasp. reaching. compass. time. warmth. grit. air. light. breath. voice. motion. explore. dirt. clouds. feathers. foot step. //

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