Saturday 22 February 2014

Wander Round Worcester

The other day I took a little drive out with Poppa Bear to Worcester. While he was busy with work business, I made myself busy strolling around and taking in the atmosphere. Worcester is a really lovely place, with a huge mixture of shops and cafes dotted between the old historic buildings. I spent my afternoon window shopping, relaxing with a latte and wandering around the beautifully breath taking cathedral.

Amongst the delightful fabric and home wear shops I spotted so many gorgeous things, can't wait to show you!!

// Just look at these beauties!! //

// The cutest sewing box. What better way to house your tools then in an actual house! //

While we're on the subject of crafty treasures… I hit the jackpot, big time! Behold:

Like a kid in a candy store, these drool worthy bundles of colour and softness captured my full attention! Visions of all the fluffy creations I could make from this vast array of yarns, were buzzing round my mind. The differing textures, thickness, hues and shades, oh the options are plentiful! I re he heally found myself taken with the thick oatmeal coloured wool with the fluro hints and the chunky sea green number.

All of this colour and knitting related excitement (yes, I really am that sad), got me all a flutter, and to give myself a moments tranquillity I made my way to Coffee Dough, where I enjoyed a much needed latte...

// (… And a muffin… Don't tell!) //

I rounded up my afternoon, before reuniting with my pa for the journey home, by taking a really pleasant walk around the magnificent cathedral and grounds. The history of this town is still heavily felt as you walk the narrow streets, and the cathedral itself is truly incredible. The sheer size and beauty inside is awe inspiring, the silence is thick with peace and seclusion as you make your way around the stain glass windows. Steeped in history and full of character it's easy to lose yourself and let go of time. 

A really nice day all round and a great way to kick off an eventful week packed full of birthdayness. Have you ever been to Worcester, or do you know of any other little towns to spend an afternoon?


  1. Oh my look at all that wool - that's like a candy store. They look such lovely balls too, somewhat jealous, I miss independent knitting shops that have floor to celling rows and shelves of wool like that!

    1. Oh my, are you a knitter too??! Eeeep! I stupidly resisted buying any, now all I can think about is this wool! Hahaha!

  2. I would love to learn to knit - my nan tried to teach me many times to no avail!! any tips for someone who'd like to start but doesn't know where to look?!
    Grace x

    1. Grace, that is brilliant!! You can do this, I believe in you! There are some really great books around but I find it easier to have someone show me the stitches for real (my mom taught me), so I would recommend heading on over to youtube! This, my friend, is a treasure trove of knowledge and you can pick up the basics from watching a few beginner videos. The rest is honestly down to practice!!

      Take a look at some videos and please let me know how you get on!! If you need any help or anything, just give me a shout (I might be able to point you in the right direction) xx