Wednesday 12 February 2014

Pour Some Sugar On Me

I'm beginning to see a pattern in my posts// photographs // day dreams… That many of them include cake of some (any) description. So true to form, this here ditty is dedicated to the mighty birthday cake. Being the little nerd that I am, plotting my own birthday cake seemed a highly valued task and have therefore, been sourcing inspiration for the treat to be crowned victorious in the choosing. I have a week to decide and make the master piece that will fill my belly with joy and sparkles and happiness, so my research I have done! No stone has been left unturned in the search and here are some of the most radically exciting sweet treats that have my wee cogs turning with creative desire:

// image:Emma Wollum via Pinterest //

I love the gradient colour effect and the most elegantly piped rose petals! 

The colour way of this little beauty is simply gorgeous. Its combination of textures and complimenting colours hit every note. Not to mention the sprinkle tier!! This cake speaks to my inner 'mermaid dress up, tea cups and unicorns' self… In a sophisticated grown up kinda way…

// image: via pinterest //

Of course, the classic vanilla frosting and sprinkles… And why the fudge not?

Hello there you sassy thing! This little number is naughty but nice and quite the show stopper with its contrasting sponge.

All hail the mouth watering crown a top the proud head of birthdays. How fine does this cake look! Regal and divine, and down right delicious.

Peachy pink smush frosting. Such an effective idea, lures you in with its delicate hues and tactile appearance.

Quality not quantity. With this triumphant treat we have flair with substance, a carrot cake like no other. No need for multi- tiers, the proof is in the pudding and this quiet yet fancy piece speaks for itself.

My head is all a fluster with frosting and fondants! With so much intriguing inspiration I will no doubt satisfy my needs for a celebratory little cake next week. I won't kid myself, however, that I will be capable of recreating anything quite so glamorous and professional as these bad boys, but it sure has given me food for thought! If you have any suggestions or tips for baking cakes then I would be super thrilled to hear them.


  1. I love this post! The first image is so beautiful, I love roses!

    Char | Char's Insights

    1. Could you imagine receiving that for your birthday??! It would almost be a shame to eat it, so pretty : )

  2. Some people's cake decorating skills leave me in awe! I wish I could be half as talented!

    1. Rachael, I completely agree!! Edible art!! Fun to try though, right? Hehehe x

  3. Haha, I definitely spend the last hour at work every day day dreaming about cake (and sometimes having a sneaky peek on pinterest...) The contrasting sponge one looks amazing, but you can never go wrong with carrot cake! xx

    1. And you know what, my friend?.. The carrot cake was in fact, a big hit! We cut it and ate it last night and all but a crumb was consumed! Although it didn't look any where near as gorgeous as these special ones!!