Sunday 16 February 2014

Lullaby To A Little Jitterbug

I love Sundays. I love the promise of waking up naturally, with no vile intruding alarms disturbing my slumber. I love the relaxed air that comes with decision making on a Sunday. Reading in bed for an hour with a coffee? Why on earth not! Eating a late breakfast while the sunshine pours through the kitchen windows, whilst catching up on my favourite blogs? You betcha! How about treasure hunting around an antique market or a vintage fair? Well, as it happens, I did just that, last Sunday!

Held in the magnificent town hall of Birmingham, Lou Lou's Vintage Fair gave my 'day of rest' a little excitement and nostalgia, as my mum and I sharpened our elbows and hit the stalls!

// Birmingham Town Hall //

// Comfort is key, shopping outfit ready for a rummage //

The fair consisted of original pieces of history, in all manner of form, second hand watches, antique cups and saucers, rails and rails of fashion through the ages and everything in between. There was even a fantastic performance from The Glamophones to put a shuffle in the shoppers steps. Cake stalls laid out with a gorgeous selection of sweetness to choose from, with your tea or coffee (essential for keeping up the old energy), and a retro salon as the cherry on top!

// Two wonderful finds that I so nearly purchased //

// Step this way, accessories galore //

// Some of the bounty on offer //

I had such a great time wandering between the stalls and rails, and even had a quick catch up with my gorgeous friend Gillian, who also happened to be getting her vintage on. There was so much to look at, hidden beauties just waiting to be found and re-homed. And discovered I did! I was immediately won over by this incredibly unique red cape, and couldn't resist trying it on. After that there was no turning back, I had to have it, and have welcomed this little number into my collection.

With a smile on my face and my new garment swishing in its bag as I merrily swing my arms in joy, much to my budgets dismay, I stumbled upon a skirt suit from the 50s, and fell in love. The colour of the tweed, the detail on the collar, the sweet silhouette given by the short length of the jacket and its sleeves… I really couldn't walk away from it! Thankfully, as there was nowhere to try it on, the measurements of the skirt was written on the tag, and with a big deep breath and my fingers crossed that it would fit, I rescued this 50's wonder. And, may I add, even haggled and won myself a reduction (I'm turning Dutch already).

I'm so pleased to announce that it fit like a glove, with the exception of the skirt being rather long on these wee pins of mine (a common occurrence), so with a little nip and tuck I intend to transform it into a pencil skirt, much more flattering a shape. This little suit offers quite a range of styling options, I can easily wear the jacket with some skinny jeans and a swipe of lippy, or the skirt with a retro blouse and some heels or for those moments when I've overdosed on Mad Men, both together, with a wiggle in my walk and a giggle in my talk!

// Its all in the details //

I'm thinking of biting the bullet and trying out an outfit post or two (I'm rubbish at having my photo taken), and I will feature these vintage items mixed up with my everyday wardrobe, shake it up a bit and see what happens! I hope you gorgeous lot have a lovely Sunday, however you choose to spend it. Do you have a favourite Sunday ritual or activity?


  1. Wow what a lovely fair - my kind of place for sure. Love, just love that red cape - I have a weakness for red coats, and that is a lovely piece. Sunday's are pretty much our lazy days - catch up with binge watching TV shows on Netflix, go food shopping, sometimes we go to the zoo, sometimes we're just lazy bugs on the sofa!

    1. Ahhh you can't beat a serious Netflix marathon session! Heaven!! :D

  2. Sunday mornings are a great way of having that extra lie in and chill out time :) but as the evening approaches the reality of the next day being a Monday hits me in the face!

    I love everything vintage and those accessories and red coat are stunning :) x

    1. The dreaded Monday!! That's what makes the Sunday morning lie in so special : )

      There were some really lovely pieces!

  3. Hey there Rasa, thank you! Your blog is beautiful!

  4. Oh that sounds like the perfect Sunday. Vintage shopping is one of my favourite weekend activities! The red cape is gorgeous and I vet you'll look amazing in the pencil skirt. You should definitely have a go at some outfit posts xx

    1. Jess, I can see that you like vintage shopping, just took a peek at your giveaway!! Eeeep! Great prizes : )