Thursday 9 January 2014

Snap Happy

As the master of procrastination, I happened upon an inspiring idea whilst over at Pinterest and decided to throw myself into it whole heartedly. The 30 Day Photography Challenge offers a list of subjects to shoot each day, all fairly regular things but simple enough to allow space for creative thinking to take over.

I am challenging myself to this as a giant kick up the backside to jump into a routine, to get organised and set myself achievable goals and actually achieve them! It's also a productive way to revive the pulse of my blog, as each picture takes some thought this encourages me to explore ideas and develop the content and direction of this wee blog.

Here are my first 5 days worth of photographs, please bear with me as I struggle on with my iphone… (My next investment is a new camera, scouts honour.)

1. Self portrait
// Sleepy evening shot //

2. What you wore
// Jumper, Christmas gift //

3. Clouds
// Schizophrenic weather //

4. Something green
// First thing I have ever sewn, Frog from reception years //

5. After dark
// Heaven, escaping into a story while the evening wind and rain beats onto your window //

There is something magical about capturing a moment in time. Sometimes it is near impossible to transmit reality to still life, it never really compares does it? We spend so much of our lives trying to grasp 'the moment' and can totally miss it ourselves altogether. Just living and enjoying time is so important, more so now than ever; make the memories we crave to hold onto.  But every now and then an image can last and sustain that magic we once felt. A photograph can render such emotion and nostalgia, it can place you at a certain time, it holds you rooted down and allows you to look back upon it, to enjoy over and over. You can say a lot with a picture. Personal moments, a window into your own world, vulnerable to onlookers. Throwing caution to the wind, I intend to get a little snap happy, to record my thoughts and findings, and maybe even share some with you guys along the way.


  1. Beautiful post. I agree completely with what your saying; photographs are memories, solid memories we can hold. One of my new years resolutions is to a take a photograph every day and whilst I've been doing this, I've come to realise that I've photographed things that wouldn't normally capture but are an important aspect of my life. Will have to have to have a look at this 30 day photography challenge.

    1. Yeah it's a great thing if you have a terrible memory, like I do! Nice to look back on something, even if it only means something to you : )

  2. This is a fantastic challenge lovey and your words were quite beautiful :) I look forward to seeing the next set of photos.

    Btw, that bedspread? *swoon*

    1. Likewise girly!! I'm enjoying seeing what makes T to the Bobs happy! : )

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    xoxo, J

    1. Hey welcome Joice! : ) Just took a look at your blog… Am for sure following!! Gorgeous stuff, from gorgeous ladies!