Sunday 3 November 2013


//The shed, home to my wheels//

Well, that was my three months in Holland. I can hardly believe how quickly the time passed, it really makes me want to squeeze the life out of every moment, for fear of blinking and losing it. But my what a time it was! I have learnt so much! About the area, about my Dutch family, about my relationship, more of the language, all sorts!! And since being home, I've been caught up in a whirlwind... To be honest I couldn't even tell you what the date is right now!

I have so many ideas for posts, so many things to share of my adventures, and of course, my crafty creations! But first, a few snaps of the last two weeks, to get us up to date.

For now, I have to say goodbye to Hellevoetsluis. I'm in England for a few months, but shortly back to gorge on cheese from the market and to drink vast amounts of coffee. So temporary fair wells were order of the day;

//Evening stroll watching the zonsondergang with R//

//Tucked my little baby away for the winter//

//R's last attempt at embarrassing me during a meal out with the family//

It was wonderful returning home to see my lovely family though, I got squeezed to within an inch of my life by my ma of course, and told many tales of my Dutch travels. Everyone had lots of questions and stories of their own, and the catch ups continue as I make plans to ambush my friends these next few weeks. But the most cuddles I received were from my buddy Charlie;

//He does, however, miss R's feet and is eagerly awaiting his visit December//

Upon returning home I discovered some lovely parcels waiting to be opened (eeee post!); inside one envelope lay the first four issues of Lionheart Magazine, which I can not put down. It is such a beautiful collection of illustrations, literature, interviews, photography and much more, really worth checking out if you are in search of inspiration. My first Sunday home I found myself reading these with a cup of coffee and the sun pouring through the windows.  The next package was a bloomin' prize! I only won the raffle giveaway over on my most favourite of blogs Tori's Tales! This blog is written by a gorgeous peach of a gal and will have you laughing along with her contagious sense of humour, lovely photography, informing insights into her life and is such a great place to discover new blogs. The prize contained the most wonderful of goodies, covering all bases- some pampering products (ahhh heavenly smelling), literature and a movie, sparkletastic Crown and Glory slides and some stationary bits! And a rather festive treasure too;

//Happy bunny with my new reads//

//How jammy am I?!!//

//Getting festive!//

After being away for a while, most of my week back has been spent nesting back into my living space, big clear outs and organising'a mondo- which meant treating myself to a couple of clever ways to hide my sewing junk;

//Thank you TKMaxx//

Aaaand to round the week off I tried out a scrumptious recipe from a fantastic food blog mbakes. The browned butter cookie recipe was just the thing to munch on, accompanied by a cold glass of milk, whilst making some Christmas gifts! 

//A naughty treat//

All in all, a relatively busy few weeks! Add in some skype dates, some Dutch homework (including Donald Duck and his sailboat) and lots of creating, and we fly through the days, hurtling towards Christmas! I'm incredibly sorry for the poor quality of my photographs, I am relying on my darn phone at the moment, but will be investing in a lovely new camera shortly!


  1. Oooo, I've been waiting for a catch-up post from you! So lovely to hear about your whirlwind of a trip home. The Lionheart magazines do look beautiful, I've been meaning to make a purchase since seeing them on Liv's blog. And yay, I'm so happy (again!) that you liked all the bits. Oh, and the festive surprise! I just couldn't help myself!

    Those cookies look delish btw, heading over to the blog now!

  2. Seriously Tori, its been a little crazy... Two weeks have blurred into a big jumble!!

    You should so give those magazines a try, they're really lovely, and Liv has a little feature in them!

    Right, I'm going to sniff that envelope and play with all my pretty prizes ;)

  3. So you were in Holland! How cool! My fiance has some family there. Hope we can visit sometime, too! I agree, the cookies look so yummy!