Wednesday 6 November 2013

Silver Spirit

Ladies and gentlemen, behold!! The beauty that is...

//Minnie for short//

My generous colleagues at my old job with the ballet, gave me some really lovely leaving gifts, including some pennies for a bicycle! My parents added a little extra and Richard and parents helped me choose (boy what a stress I created with that!! Ha!), therefore I am happy to introduce to you my beloved Minnie! Known on super adventures as 'Silver Spirit'.

I rode this badboy round town, on mini sewing supply runs, to the grocery store for biscuits and on some really amazing trips with Rich, around Hellevoet and to other nearby villages and towns. One trip however, almost crippled me, before we knew it we had cycled 44km / 27 miles!!!!! And boy could I feel it the next day! (My butt never forgave me).

I'd like to share a few images I captured on my travels, many more to follow!

I miss my dear little bicycle and am experiencing some heavy withdrawals from speeding around like lightning!! And I'm proud to report I didn't fall off OR cause any serious accidents, like previously predicted (thanks dad).