Friday 8 November 2013


Evening fellow online escapists.

Today I was lucky enough to attend the Hobbycrafts & Art Materials Live and Crafts for Christmas exhibition at the nec in Birmingham. With dearest mum in tow we set out in search of inspiration and ideas, revelling in the plentiful offerings bequeathed to us by many a craft stall!

Row upon row of stalls, bursting at the seams with wools, fabrics, card making supplies, hand made Christmas decorations, gifts, soaps, and many wonderful works of art. Resting once for a hot, sweet coffee energiser (ouch burnt my tongue!) and onwards we went into the fray, sharpened elbows to make our way through the bustling crowd of biddies.

After soaking up the creative atmosphere and gathering the spirit of the hand made, I feel a thousand enriched thoughts and ideas swirling around my head, and can't wait to get started on a few projects.

Here are a few of the lovely treasures I purchased today, adding to the mountain of materials and supplies lying in wait for a creative kick up the butt, such as today;

 // Four 'fat quarters' of gorgeous fabric from the lovely Little Laura's Haberdashery //

// Beautiful pastel coloured swatches of soft felt also from Little Laura's Haberdashery // 

// I nabbed these snazzy and distinctive snips // 

// Ooops, not one but two packets of buttons // 

// When nature calls // 

// I picked up a copy of this new creative magazine, jammed full of wonderful ideas // 

Notable mentions of the day:

TOFT Luxury British Knitting
                                                                                               // //

Upon entering this haven of soft, heavenly woolly wonders, my mother and I were mesmerised. TOFT Luxury British Knitting offers hand made products created from the most delicate of yarns- sourced from their very own alpaca farm. This delightful company not only sell garments, interior pieces and toys, but also market kits containing the best alpaca wool, tools and pattern to make your very own knitted and crocheted hats, socks, hippos and more! They also run workshops, tours of the farm and hold events on their static location in Warwickshire. Please please take a look at their website- you won't be disappointed!

Ingrid Wagner
                                                                                                     // //

This lady's stall was the mother of all knitting displays. Ingrid Wagner is a textiles wizard, having developed her craft exploring techniques and materials, her glorious array of products were drool worthy. All made from re-loved fabrics, finding a new home in the form of beautiful rugs, bags and even Christmas stockings. But the show stopping factor to these wonderful creations, were the ginormous knitting needles she cleverly composed. The genius size of these pins allow for such speedy construction, that you can produce a work of art in one day! There were also giant crochet hooks, and fantastic balls of fabric, with which to stitch together. Her website explains the origin of this creative idea, and holds information on workshops and tutorials from the master herself, plus you can buy online and have a go yourself! 

If you fancy indulging in some arts and crafts exploration, and are looking for a little inspiration or some supplies to start, then the exhibition is at the Birmingham nec until Sunday. I'm looking forward to diving into my workbox and starting a new project soon!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful visit (I must keep an eye out for future events now I have an actual sewing machine - CRAZY!) you and your Mum shared, can't wait to hear about all your ideas!

  2. Get out of town?! I didn't know you were into the crafty shiz Tori! And you said you didn't drive ;) There's another exhibition there in March, meant to be even better than the Christmassy one, more sewing based. We will have to check it out : )

  3. Milex, unfortunately it was a show lacking in DM's, (and over run with oldies!), but it was worth the trip, a pretty good afternoon on the inspiration front :)

  4. Oo sounds like such a wonderful day out! Is the reloved magazine good? I need to get back into crafting! xx

  5. Get stuck in Chloe!! You know what, I do indulge in crafty magazines every now and then, tricky on a budget as they all tend to be some what pricy, but you know its bang for your buck when there are lots of ideas and tutorials- well this one is pretty much packed! I think its only on its 2nd issue, but theres quite a range of stuff to do :)