Monday 14 October 2013

Monkey'in Around

Sometimes being a 'grown up' requires you to plan ahead, to be greatly organised and to tackle any problems or issues head on. To take responsibilities seriously and to double guess consequences to all your actions. Now the boyf and I made a team pact, to be thrifty and wise with our money, and save as much as possible for the rather large steps quickly approaching our horizon. This means getting creative with dinner dates, trips and fun things to do on a bit of a budget. Apparently we are pretty darn good at this, as although we have tightened the purse strings somewhat, we have still had a busy and exciting summer! We'll continue dropping pennies into our rainy day jar, keep adding to our future funds, but every now and then we treat each other to something special... And my treat was a trip to Rotterdam zoo, Blijdorp!! 

// image: rootsmagazine //

The zoo itself is one of the oldest in the Netherlands, and a huge refuge for these most beautiful and amazing animals. Blijdorp diergaarde (diergaarde = zoo) participates in about 70 breeding programs with such a vast array of creatures, and displays some magnificent architecture throughout the park with buildings like the wonderful Amazonia butterfly house, the impressive oceanarium, the grand giraffe keep (shaped like a huge onion) and the cleverly designed plots of land for the other furry citizens.

The sweet zebra were huddled together under big umbrella like huts, as it was peeing down at one point... Wouldn't want their colours to run!
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These animals are so elegant, really calm gentle creatures and lovely to watch them take a light lunch!

Charming! Mama and baby boo give us the rear end treatment.

Under the sea. *Please don't break. Please don't break. Please don't break*

The newest member of the gang! Teeny baby olifant! (Olifant = elephant... duh)

The celebrity. Bokito.

This dude has some serious 'tude. I have to tell you Bokito's story. It's one that made me somewhat nervous to be in his presence (behind some very thick glass). Bokito was born in captivity, in Berlin, and was abandoned by his mother at birth. This kind of lowsy parenting is going to mess with a guy, so to say he has some issues is maybe an understatement. The gorilla was transferred to Rotterdam in 2005 and along with him came his number one fan, a lady that had some kind of obsession with him, visiting an average of 4 times a week. The lady claimed to have a special bond with Bo, and would frequently touch the glass, make eye contact and smile at him. (You can probably guess where this is going...) So Bokito wakes up one day in 2007 on the wrong side of his hammock, I mean, this guy is pissed. Grumpy, bad hair day, just wants to be left alone. Along comes super fan, tapping on the glass and pulling faces, again. Now our boy here ain't standing for this any more, jumps the freakin' walls and makes a run for this woman. More than a hundred bite wounds later and after dragging her around the park, Bokito feels he's made his point and takes a stroll around the restaurant, casual as. 

Im glad to report, crazy lady survived, Bokito is in a NEW maximum security pad with some nice thick glass between him and his crowd- although I did spot the notice that advices no eye contact with the big guy!

We had a really really great day at Blijdorp, and proved that its fun to treat your girlfriend! Haha! So, although it pays to be prepared as 'grown up's and plan for the future, it also helps a little to let your inner child run free! Just don't touch the glass!

If you're planning a trip to the Netherlands, this place is definitely worth a visit. Have you been to Blijdorp? Or had any special trips on a budget lately? Lets get creative!


  1. Wow, what a great zoo! I love the butterfly garden and the pictures of the zebras!

  2. It's a really lovely place to spend the day, even if it rains a little ;) Although, shell collecting was my all time favourite thing to do on holiday, as a child! Is that beach near where you live? It is beautiful :)

  3. Great pictures, I love zoos! x

  4. I hadn't been to a zoo in years, and this one had so much going on! And the fact that they actively partake in the conservation and breeding programmes, lets get those animals multiplying and stick around for future generations!! Haha!