Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Back to 'reality'

I can't actually believe its time to say this already, but my three months as an accidental anthropologist on the wonderful town of Hellevoetsluis, nears its temporary end in a couple days. I say temporary end, because I will be back there very soon, but for now its back to England, my loving family and erm... That's just it you see, I jumped in with both feet for this excellent adventure, which means I quit my job. Some steps are SO worth taking, and although I often miss aspects of my previous employment (trying on all the costumes, watching the shows from side of stage, nicknames from my boss "Sex Pot", "Tinkerbell", "Rat Bag" etc etc), I don't for one moment regret ending that chapter, as it has opened my eyes to all manner of possibilities and helped to reassess my priorities.

Unfortunately, my days as a lady of leisure are perhaps temporarily at an end also, since it never hurts to have a little extra moneys huh. So I begin the hunt for some work in England, here are the latest thoughts in my little brain:

Ice Cream taster for Ben & Jerry's


Hello endless supply of the best ice cream in town!

Hello love handles :(

Private Detective

                                                                                                                                       //image: awakenyoursoul//

Job satisfaction.
Helping the general public.

Potential danger.
Not sure I can pull off a long mac.

Personal Dresser to Robert Pattinson


Free tickets to premiers.
Chance to travel.
Develop my people skills.

Death threats from Twihards.
Sticky fingers from hairspray/gel/mousse.
Unsocial hours.

Ok, this train of thought is a work in progress. 

I'm not sure I want to return to the world of theatre... The evening shifts, the touring, the lack of stability etc. Although costume is still up there on top of my list, perhaps broadening my horizons wouldn't hurt. Except I have no idea what I am good at. I would love to venture down the teaching avenue, but returning to student life is not so appealing. Sewing and textiles in general is my main skill base, something I will continue to pursue and enjoy despite the muggle day job, and potential for starting an online selling base is a little dream up there in my busy mind. For now, back to the drawing board!