Friday 11 October 2013

Autumn Sewing Playlist

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Taking a peek outside my curtains to find blustery winds pushing over from the nearby sea, violent rain storms drenching everything in its path and feeling the chill from this typical herfts (Autumn) weather- I make a tiny YIP! Jump into my cosy grandma slippers and make my way towards my sewing box.

What better excuse to stay tucked up inside, all day, shelter from the outside world and hibernate like a bear?! Call me old, (ok, I'd rather you didn't), but I love a good storm. The sound of the rain crashing against the windows, the wind rattling the house itself, there's something wildly exciting yet comforting.  Perhaps I am becoming a recluse, maybe one day I will own 37 cats and be found stranded in my crusty old arm chair, too fat and covered in ice cream to get up, eventually eaten by my beloved furry children (yikes, that's an image too accessible... )-- but I find myself enjoying the surroundings here, inside the house! I promise myself a bike ride around the lovely town of Hellevoetsluis... As soon as it stops raining for more than 20 minutes : ) (wimp!)

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So, on these days of hibernation I reach for my sewing box. I've just made myself a really sweet skirt, and am juggling several other projects including Christmassy decorations, pj bottoms and a new dress. But first things first, lets prepare for our day of crafting in the warm... We need some music.

With the treacherous skies darkening my environment, I tend to go with the mood, and am recently leaning towards some moody songs to fit. Here's a look at some of my favourite songs to sew to at the moment:

* Mumford and Sons vs Miley Cyrus - 'Little Wrecking Ball'
* The Civil Wars - 'Barton Hollow'
* The Paper Kites - 'Bloom'
* Kimbra - 'Good Intent' (When it comes to Kimbra 'Old Flame' & 'Plain Gold Ring' goosebumps,       prepare to be hooked)
* Triggerfinger - I Follow Rivers (Beautiful cover of a beautiful original)
* London Grammar - 'Strong'
* Seth Lakeman - 'Lady of the Sea'
* Lissie - 'Record Collector'
* Birdy - 'Strange Birds'
* Sleeping at Last - 'Turning Page'

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Do you have any favourite songs to hide away and listen to on days like these? I hope you enjoy listening to some of these, as much as I do, apologies if not!

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