Sunday 6 October 2013

Adventures in the Shire

Shire of choice: Derbyshire! Chosen for its lush countryside, pub lunches and winding, rambling cobbled streets (plus being so nearby is an added bonus of course!).

Whether in England or Holland, Rich and I enjoy exploring our nearby surroundings, taking each other to beloved places of childhood memories, or discovering new treasures together. Considering our aim this summer was to be very good and save some pennies for our rainy day plans, we've still managed adventures a plenty! So many, in fact, it will be Spring by the time I get round to writing about them.

This trip in particular took place in Bakewell, Derbyshire, a gem of the midlands, a place I visit fairly often for a much needed breath of incredibly fresh air, the quaint and gorgeous boutiques dotted about AND of course, the famous Bakewell Pudding (known to some as bakewell tart).

//On route//

//Looking down on the lovely village//

//Wandering around the winding lanes//

//Secret view//

//Gorgeous old church and grounds//

//Still. Time has no meaning up here//


//Shops tucked away//

//Courtyard of secret shops. Please can I live in this one?!//

//Found these lovelies in a dinky shop called Bird Song, originating here://

//Second hand score. Vintage wares galore!//

//I may have purchased a retro sewing book and knitting pattern or two... //

Highly recommend stopping by this sweet little place for a nice, slow walk along the lanes, perhaps feed the ducks by the riverside, and then sheltering from the crisp wintery wind inside one of the quaint tea shops for a warm drink and slice of pie!

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