Thursday, 17 October 2013

A Little Fresh Air

Follow me.

Raise your head to greet the warmth of the sunshine, the final burst of light stretched out across the fading blue sky, a great crescendo before day begins to turn to even fall.

Let the wind surround you. Let it cover you in its crisp, all encompassing movement, tangling your hair about your face. Pulling and pushing in lilting rhythm as you follow the path further.

Stop. Just breathe. Fill your lungs with rich sea air, the purest of breath, fresh and brisk. 

Just breathe.

Today was one of those days. You know the ones, when every small worry, every conflicting thought or opinion collides with the bigger, weightier worries in one crashing ball of fear, stress and anxiety.

I put it down to pressure. Not just the pressure of feeling these emotions, bottling them up to use for self destruction purposes at a sweeter moment, but the pressure we put on ourselves. Why is it that we do this? Where does it come from and who started it?

The pressure to achieve. This imaginary time frame we force upon our lives, this unrealistic measuring tool we have with which we compare every aspect of our adulthood. What are we comparing our lives to? Usually each other, no? Who gets to set these rules we feel the need to abide by? To torture ourselves with or admit failure upon never reaching? What are the answers, which way is up which is down, am I on the right path?

Just breathe.

Moments of reflection. Realisation. There are no answers really are there? Is this the scary cold hard truth or is this hope. There are no right paths, no goals required to reach by a certain time in our lives. Each step has up and down, hurdles to pass, moments of quiet glory. Isn't that what we call living, that's the point really isn't it. Stop waiting for life to begin, for the next step. Start living each tiny piece as it comes. Take in the moments. The planning and organising can help, but you can never anticipate every possible future outcome. Just isn't going to happen. Let go of the control, not altogether, but certainly that iron tight grip. You do not fail. You can't possibly; if you use everything. Use the sadness, the struggles, the disappointments and the mistakes. Stop fighting and worrying. Start making the most of it. Share time. Release old resentments. It just isn't worth your energy. You need the space in your mind. Go on and give yourself a break. Open your eyes to what is really around you, everything you actually have. Things will be figured out, along the way, as you reach them. Experience life. And don't forget to breathe.

Bedankt to Jaco and Ina for whisking me away to blow out the cobwebs this afternoon, it was just the ticket! 

R, we'll get there buddy, team work all the way x


  1. What I really loved about this post was the way you didn't just share pictures of a lovely walk, you took us on it, step by step. How can one not be calmer after that? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Aubrey, i'm really glad you enjoyed it, especially if it bought a little calm to your day, thats pretty super :)